Beaver Builder Plugin v1.8 + Theme v1.5.1 + Beaver Lodge Modules v1.2.4

Beaver Builder Plugin v1.8.5

Beaver Builder Plugin v1.8 + Theme v1.5.1 + Beaver Lodge Modules v1.2.4 – A Complete Drag & Drop Design System You’ll Love. Easily build responsive WordPress websites without touching a line of code. Use Beaver Builder’s page builder plugin to quickly build pages with any theme. Or, use it with our framework theme for the perfect balance of power and simplicity.

Easily Build Professional WordPress Websites

Save time and stop writing code. Beaver Builder is a powerful and flexible drag and drop design system. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, you’re going to love taking control of your website with Beaver Builder.

If you’re a WordPress User, Beaver Builder will save you time.

Beaver Builder’s prebuilt templates and intuitive drag & drop design system lets you create rich content pages quickly and easily.

If you’re a WordPress Agency, Beaver Builder will change your life.

Using a Page Builder will revolutionize your workflow. Implement the same designs in half the time and let your clients do their own edits.

If you’re a WordPress Business, Beaver Builder will make you money.

Our powerful multisite and white labeling features allow you to create a hosted website builder or an elegantly branded experience for your clients.

Beaver Builder Plugin v1.8 + Theme v1.5.1 + Beaver Lodge Modules v1.2.4 Changelog

v1.8 – 06/07/2016

  • Added 16 new home page templates.
  • Added the ability for theme authors to load third party templates into all version of the builder (including the lite) using the new Template Data Exporter. Please read the docs for more info on that.
  • Added the ability to export single templates or groups of templates using the WordPress Exporter.
  • Added a patch for the WordPress Importer to prevent it from breaking imports in certain situations.
  • Added a setting in the advanced tab to show rows/modules/columns based on if a user is logged in, logged out, or never show them (they only appear while editing). You can also choose the capability logged in users must have to see a row/column/module.
  • Added a setting in the advanced tab to reverse the column stacking order on smaller devices.
  • Added settings to vertically center or top align content in full height rows and equal height columns.
  • Added settings to add a video background to a row using external links instead of the media library.
  • Added settings in the Icon Group module to choose individual icon colors and link targets.
  • Added settings in the Heading module to set the line-height and letter spacing.
  • Added settings in the Separator module to set the width and alignment.
  • Added a setting to the Accordion module that makes the first item open by default.
  • Added a setting in the Posts module to customize the “No Posts Found” message.
  • Added settings to all modules with buttons for fading in icons on hover and choosing a hover opacity for transparent backgrounds.
  • Added settings to the Contact Form module for customizing the button.
  • Made changes to the Contact Form module so the recipient’s email address is no longer visible in the markup.
  • Captions are now displayed in the Gallery module’s lightbox.
  • PHP files can now be used to register templates and load template data from the database.
  • Added caching to FLBuilderModel::get_user_template_type to cut down on the number of queries it runs.
  • The form validation required message is now translatable.
  • Empty index files are now added the cache directories to prevent browsing.
  • Added a button for resizing settings lightboxes so they fill the screen.
  • Added support for oEmbeds in the Text Editor module.
  • Changed row and module templates to saved rows and modules.
  • Tweaked templates admin settings terminology.
  • Tweaked draft and discard button terminology.
  • Added CSS/JavaScript to layout settings button and panel.
  • Increased size of the publish button.
  • Added a setting to collapse inactive items in accordion mode for the Menu module.
  • Updated Font Awesome.
  • Sticky posts are no longer included when using the fl_builder_insert_layout shortcode.
  • Added an above title option for image position in the Posts module.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues with exporting and importing new templates.
  • Fixed issues with layout CSS/JS not exporting and importing.
  • Fixed incorrect module paths on Windows servers.
  • Fixed the alignment setting preview for the Heading module.
  • Fixed the incorrect load order of FLBuilder::render_query CSS in IE.
  • Fixed RTL issues with the Content Slider and Post Slider modules.
  • Fixed an IE11 bug with images that have height:auto in equal height columns.
  • Fixed a PHP notice when adding Post Slider and Post Carousel modules to the page.
  • Fixed a PHP error when the time field is used inside a nested form.
  • Fixed a bug with duplicate rows adding backslashes to text.
  • Fixed a bug with nested Tab modules via the fl_builder_insert_layout shortcode.
  • Fixed an issue with sticky posts being included when using the fl_builder_insert_layout shortcode.
  • Fixed a PHP notice when using the fl_builder_insert_layout shortcode on a 404 page.
  • Fixed TinyMCE link editor not closing since WordPress 4.5.
  • Fixed a fatal error with the new Template Data Exporter caused by unsupported syntax in certain PHP versions.
  • Fixed a PHP warning caused by plugin activation.
  • Fixed the display of SVG files in the Photo module.
  • Fixed CSS specificity issues in IE when using the fl_builder_render_layout shortcode.

Demo Beaver Builder Plugin v1.8 + Theme v1.5.1 + Beaver Lodge Modules v1.2.4

Full Demo Page

Download Beaver Builder Plugin v1.8 + Theme v1.5.1 + Beaver Lodge Modules v1.2.4

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