Divi Builder Plugin v2.0.9 by Elegant Themes


Download Divi Builder Plugin v2.0.9 by Elegant Themes – The Divi Builder is a powerful drag and drop page builder for WordPress.

Divi Builder Plugin v2.0.9 | Drag & Drop Page Builder Plugin | ElegantThemes – The Divi Builder. A Visual Drag & Drop Page Builder For Any WordPress Theme | Download Divi Builder v2.0.8 Free on Null24.

The Divi Builder takes everything you love about our Divi Theme and packages it into it’s own plugin that can be used with any theme.

Endless Layout Possibilities

Take control over your page content with the most advanced builder plugin on the market. With the Divi Builder, there is nothing you can’t create.

Use It On Any Theme

The Divi Builder plugin is compatible with any theme, and can be used to create beautiful and fluid layouts inside content areas of any size and shape.

Divi Builder Plugin v2.0.9 Changelog

version 2.0.9 ( updated 5-24-2017 )

– Fixed a bug that caused excerpt length to not save correctly in global modules in some situations.
– Fixed a bug that caused selective sync to not work correctly when selecting categories quickly in the post slider module.
– Fixed a bug that prevented history states from being created when adding items from the library in some cases, which caused unwanted results when using undo/redo functionality.
– Removed unwanted specialty section options that appeared in the normal section settings modal in some situations.
– Fixed a bug that caused unsynced global module settings to not save properly due to an error in unsynced option comparison.
– Fixed a bug that prevented the filterable portfolio from being re-initialized correctly in the Visual Builder after copying styles onto a module that triggered computed options ajax call.
– Fixed a bug that prevented global modules from saving module repositioning inside of global one column rows.
– Fixed an error that occurred sometimes after discarding category selection changes in the fullwidth portfolio module.
– Fixed rendering issues that occurred when using the WordPress galley shortcode inside of text modules in the Visual Builder.
– Updated the blurb “use icon font size” setting to be conditional of the “use icon” setting.
– Updated the blurb “image max width” setting to be conditional of the “use icon” mode being turned off.
– Removed base module margin from the divider module when the divider line is set to hidden so that the defined height is equal to the actual space created by the module.
– Changed the divider module back to a block element due to the inline-block style causing conflicts with custom CSS changes on some customer websites.
– Fixed a bug that caused percentage custom widths for specialty sections not to work on the front end.
– LocalStorage will now clear properly when adjusting certain settings in the Role Editor.
– Fixed conditional logic in the portfolio module that caused unwanted display of overlay settings when the module was not in grid mode.
– Fixed bug that prevented comment module button icons from updating in the Visual Builder.
– Added sanitation to button module URL field to prevent unwanted characters from breaking URLs.
– Updated shop module CSS selectors due to fix WooCommerce 3.0 compatibility issues.
* includes/builder/frontend-builder/bundle.js
* includes/builder/frontend-builder/assets/css/style.css
* includes/builder/scripts/builder.js
* includes/builder/main-modules.php
* includes/builder/core.php
* includes/builder/functions.php

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