Limitless v1.4 – Responsive Web Application Kit

Limitless v1.4 - Responsive Web Application Kit

Limitless v1.4 – a new professional admin template, based on Bootstrap framework. Limitless is a powerful and super flexible tool, which suits best for any kind of web application. Includes 1 main and 3 alternative layouts, 1000+ commented HTML pages, 1000+ components with different features and options, 100+ plugins and extensions etc. Limitless v1.4 includes Starter kit – a set of blank pages, that will make your developer’s life much easier. Limitless v1.4 template is fully responsive, which means that it looks perfect on mobiles and tablets.

Limitless v1.4 app kit is fully based on LESS pre-processor, includes 100+ commented LESS files. Each file corresponds to a single component, layout, page, plugin or extension – so you can easily find necessary piece of code and edit it for your needs. The package includes both normal and minified CSS files, compiled from LESS.

Also it is translation ready – you can change application language on-the-fly and use other features such as fallback languages, language detection, direct access etc etc. To see examples, follow the main navigation.

Navigation is a powerful thing here. It supports both collapsible and accordion vertical navigation; multi level horizontal navigation with state saving feature. Horizontal navigation is used in navbars and mega menu. Navbar component has been extended and added plugins and components support (form components, buttons, links, menus, progress bars etc.). Mega menu is another song – it can be any color, any width and include any content.

Page and panel headers support a lot of customization options and can include different components, basically all of them are optional (means you can easily remove them from stylesheets by removing a single line in LESS file).

Overall design is harmonious, clean and user friendly. Even though the template has a lot of content, it doesn’t looks messy and all files and code are well structured, commented and divided. Check out the full list of features and go through all the pages. It will take some time though, but you won’t miss anything. Enjoy!

Limitless v1.4 – Responsive Web Application Kit Changelog

2016 August 31st – v1.4
// # List of updated plugins
[updated]  Bootstrap library – bootstrap.min.js, bootstrap LESS files – to 3.3.7
[updated]  Font Awesome icon set – bundle – to 4.6.3

[updated]  Hover Dropdown extension – hover_dropdown.min.js – to 2.2.1
[updated]  Typeahead engine – typeahead.bundle.min.js to 0.11.1
[updated]  Dual Listbox – duallistbox.min.js – to 3.0.5
[updated]  Select2 library – select2.min.js – to 4.0.3
[updated]  Bootstrap Select library – bootstrap_select.min.js – to 1.11.1
[updated]  Uniform library – uniform.min.js – to 3.0
[updated]  Summernote editor – summernote.min.js – to 0.8.2

[updated]  Ladda extensions – ladda.min.js – to 1.0.0
[updated]  Bootstrap Progress Bars – progressbar.min.js – to 0.9.0
[updated]  Bootbox dialogs extension – bootbox.min.js to 4.4.0
[updated]  Bootpag pagination – bootpag.min.js – to 1.0.7
[updated]  Bootstrap pagination extension – bs_pagination.min.js – to 1.4

[updated]  Spectrum color picker – spectrum.js – to 1.8.0
[updated]  Pickadate pickers – pickadate.js bundle – to 3.5.6
[updated]  Anytime picker – anytime.min.js – to 5.1.2
[updated]  Bootstrap daterange picker – daterangepicker.js – to 2.1.23
[updated]  Moment.js library – moment.min.js and moment_locales.min.js – to 2.14.1

[updated]  ION Range sliders – ion_rangeslider.min.js – to 2.1.4
[updated]  NoUI sliders – nouislider.min.js – to 8.5.1
[updated]  jQuery UI slider pips – slider_pips.min.js – to 1.11.3 (in LTR only)

[updated]  Datatables library – datatables.min.js – to 1.10.12
[updated]  Autofill DT extention – autofill.min.js – to 2.1.2
[updated]  Buttons DT extention – buttons.min.js – to 1.2.1
[updated]  Column Reorder DT extention – col_reorder.min.js – to 1.3.2
[updated]  Fixed Columns DT extention – fixed_columns.min.js – to 3.2.2
[updated]  Fixed Header DT extention – fixed_header.min.js – to 3.1.2
[updated]  Key Table DT extention – key_table.min.js – to 2.1.2
[updated]  Responsive DT extention – responsive.min.js – to 2.1.0
[updated]  Row Reorder DT extention – row_reorder.min.js – to 1.1.2
[updated]  Scroller DT extention – scroller.min.js – to 1.4.2
[updated]  Select DT extention – select.min.js – to 1.2.0
[updated]  Handsontable library – handsontable.min.js – to 0.26.0

[updated]  Image Cropper – cropper.min.js to 2.3.3
[updated]  Typeahead Addresspicker – typeahead_addresspicker.js to the latest version
[updated]  Fancytree library – fancytree.min.js – to 2.18.0
[updated]  Fullcalendar library – fullcalendar.min.js – to 2.9.1
[updated]  Headroom.js extension – headroom.min.js and headroom_jquery.min.js – to 0.9.3
[updated]  Nicescroll custom scrollbar – nicescroll.min.js – to 3.6.8
[updated]  D3.js charting library – d3.min.js – to 3.5.17

[updated]  Plupload file uploader – plupload bundle – to 2.1.9
[updated]  Bootstrap File Input library – fileinput.min.js to 4.3.5

// # List of fixed
[fixed]  Wrong horizontal padding in typeahead suggestions menu items in material layout
[fixed]  WYSIHTML5 text editor color picker doesn’t work and doesn’t respect text styles
[fixed]  Fullcalendar table overflow is visible on small screens and some responsive issues
[fixed]  Datatable buttons collection dropdown has wrong horizontal padding
[fixed]  Alpaca horizontal selects extra gap between selects
[fixed]  Fancytree Child Counter extension missing styles
[fixed]  Pager has negative bottom margin
[fixed]  Tabs inside panel don’t have padding on mobile
[fixed]  Nested tabs in vertical tabs layout are also vertical
[fixed]  Styled single file input doesn’t respect width if file name is too long
[fixed]  Mega menu isn’t scrollable on mobile if inside fixed secondary navbar
[fixed]  jQuery UI datepicker is hidden if inside jQuery UI dialog
[fixed]  Dropdown menu in material layout inside breadcrumb elements has wrong placement
[fixed]  Bootstrap file input loading indicator has wrong position when loading begins
[fixed]  jQuery UI Select with icons – icons don’t have horizontal spacing
[fixed]  Steps wizard content overflow is hidden, so components inside wizard are partially hidden
[fixed]  Bootstrap select in panel heading elements triggers native select on click
[fixed]  Dropdown submenus on Android don’t open
[fixed]  Breadcrumb line component inside page header in material layout displayed incorrectly
[fixed]  Single styled file inputs are displayed inline on drag&drop page, in material layout
[fixed]  Search field in search and knowledgebase has background color in material layout
[fixed]  Contextual panels don’t have background color on mobile, if heading elements are collapsed
[fixed]  Image cropper in Summernote editor has wrong position and appears behind image

[fixed]  RTL layout – typeahead inputs in material layout have wrong direction
[fixed]  RTL layout – fancy box has incorrect position
[fixed]  RTL layout – handsontable tables have wrong styles
[fixed]  RTL layout – daterangepicker is missing RTL direction in plugin configurations

// # List of improvements
[improved]  Improved file structure in Starter Kits
[improved]  Removed paths to extra JS files in Handsontable pages
[improved]  gulpfile.js – minifycss replaced with clean-css due to deprecation
[improved]  Improved Typeahead initializations accross JS files
[improved]  Added missing badges component to panel and page header components list
[improved]  Added 3 new examples of Bootbox dialog extension
[improved]  Added option to disable collapsing of heading elements on mobile (using .not-collapsible class added to .heading-elements container)
[improved]  Now heading elements on mobile push content down instead of covering elements below, so that all responsive containers have consistent appearance
[improved]  Panel heading elements now have background color different from panel background color on mobiles
[improved]  Each layout now uses 1 gulp file for main layout and Starter Kits

Demo Limitless v1.4 – Responsive Web Application Kit

Full Demo Page

Download Limitless v1.4 – Responsive Web Application Kit

Download From UploadBoy



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