Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin v4.3.1


Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin v4.3.1 – just install and forget your pinterest account as pinterest automatic will do pinning work for you .

Pin unlimited number of images: Pinterest Automatic Pin Plugin can pin from one image to all images in the post directly to your pinterest account.

Post featured image as a pin: Plugin can pin featured image to pinterest

Scheduled posts support: select images to be pinned and once your scheduled post get published it will be pinned

Bulk Pin: Plugin can pin old posts too it adds a new option called “Pin Them” just select posts and choose the “pin them” option and apply . the plugin will send selected posts to pinning queue

Automatic Image detection: Pinterest Automatic auto detect images in your post then list them, where you can decide which images should be pinned

Automatic boards detection: Pinterest Automatic will auto detect boards in your pinterest account, so-that you can choose which board you want to pin images to

Auto-link pins to your post : All pins are directly hyper-linked to your posts, so once any pinterest user click on the pin it redirects him to your post on your site

Spintax enabled :Spintax Form can be used for pin text like {awesome|cool|nice},only one word will be chosen randomly with every single pin

Default pin text and pin board : You can set a default pin text or a default pin board where all pins will be pinned, so you don?t need to enter text every-time

Custom post types support : if you have a portfolio or gallery or any post type then Pinterest automatic support them

woo-commerce support : if you have a wordpress e-commerce or woo-commerce based website then Pinterest automatic post e-commerce products to pinterest

[Beta] Bots support : Pinterest automatic pin the featured or the first image of the post posted using a robot like ‘Wordpress Robot’ , ‘Wordpress Automatic’ .

Supported Tags : 6 Tags can be used in the pin text, where each tag will be replaced with it’s equivalent according to the post

  • [image_alt] : get replaced with the image alt text
  • [post_title] : get replaced the post title
  • [post_tags] : get replaced by the post tags after converting it to pinterest hash tags
  • [post_excerpt] : get replaced with the post excerpt
  • [post_link] : get replaced with the post link
  • [post_author] : get replaced with the post author

Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin v4.3.1 Changelog

v4.3.1 (6 September 2016 )
Fix: Recent Pinterest change made the plugin no more display the username and correct pin url at log now fixed.

Demo Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin v4.3.1

Full Demo Page

Download Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin v4.3.1

Download From UploadBoy

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  1. I need 4.4.0 nulled version. Can you find and publish it please? Because 4.3.1 doesn’t work anymore. Pinterest has changed its login page that’s why we always get login error on plugin.


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