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YITH Auctions For WooCommerce v1.1.2 | YIThemes are simple: anybody can place a bid for a specific product and if no other bid exceeds the previous one, then they win the item.

This allows buyers to grab products for their best price and allows vendors to generate a profit sometimes bigger than anticipated.

Using our YITH WooCommerce Auction plugin you will not only be able to make auctions for your products, but thanks to the integration of our YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor you will have the chance to create a real portal for online auctions, allowing all of your vendors to create auctions of their own and letting you earn a share on each one of their sales.

A truly performing sales system in which buyers will be able to:

  • Set up automatic raises
  • Buy items right away using the “Buy now” function
  • Look into every single auctions, including old ones
  • Look into the list of people interested in each auction

YITH Auctions For WooCommerce v1.1.2 Changelog

= Version 1.1.2 – Released: May 04, 2017 =

* New: Admin can delete customer’s bid
* New: Customers register to a watchlist for each auction product and be notified by email when auction is about to end
* New: Minimum amount to increase manual bids
* New: added wc_notice in product page
* Fix: Auction product price not changing when clicking on buy now
* Fix: show a NaN number in timeleft when auction has not started
* Dev: added action yith_wcact_before_form_auction_product
* Dev: added filter yith_wcact_load_script_widget_everywhere

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