Dokan Plugin v2.0.1

Dokan Plugin v2.0.1

Dokan enables you to build multi-seller or multi-vendor e-commerce solution with WordPress . You can start your own ebay or Etsy like marketplace sites in a matter of time. E-commerce with WordPress now made easy!

Dokan Plugin Version Update: v2.0.1 -> March 9, 2015
– [fix] Minor bug in shipping gateway
– [fix] Manage stock and product review status wasn’t updating
– [fix] Sell individually checkbox wasn’t updating
– [new] Earning by seller report in Dokan admin earning reports page

Demo Dokan Plugin v2.0.1

Full Demo Page

Download Dokan Plugin v2.0.1

Download Direct Link


  1. Hey there, thanks for this plugin! Great!
    Have sent you 2 mails now to request for a theme called “Marketica” ( wordpress theme) but you didn’t reply any of my mails… the theme works so well with this plugin and it would be really great if you can upload the theme!

  2. Salam Amir,
    agha man nagereftam ke chejoori in Dokano dowloadesh konam. ye hale koochooloo be ma bedi manoonet isham. eyval!

  3. bebakhshid Babak jaan, avval emtahan kardam nashod vali baadan toonestam danloadesh konam…vali hanooz azam licence mikhad!

  4. Hi Babak.. thanks for all your hardwork..

    Are you able to get the latest version for Flatsome theme? That 2.53 version is currently out of date with WOOCommerce 2.4.3

    keep up the good work

    • Hi

      I’ve updated the theme on my site and there seems to be a problem with V2.6 as it has a serious bug with WordPress 4.3 ..

      Can you help get the v2.6.1 instead as Flastome has updated an IMPORTANT FIX: Bug with Banner Grids and WordPress 4.3.. thanks so much

  5. Salam Babak,
    Man licenceh Dokano daram ke royeh yeki az sitom estefadeh mikonam ke customizesh ham kardam (dadam kardan yani). mikhostam in plugin-o (Dokan) ro royeh yek domaineh dige duplicate bokonam. misheh khahesh konam behem pishnahad bokoni chetori in karo anjam bedam. Mamnoonetam.

    • Salam Davood Jun Bavar Kon Tahala Mohit Dokan RO Ham Nadidam Ama Mitonam Nullesh Konam Betoni Ro Domain Haye DG Ham Estefade Koni Kare KHasi Nadare
      Akharin Version Ro Baram Email Kon Hatman CHeck Mikonam, email kardi haminja replay bede

      Email: admin[at]null24[dot]ir


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