DooYouTuber CMS Video Portal Updates 02/05/2016


DooYouTuber CMS Video Portal Updates 02/05/2016 – Create your very own Video Portal by importing 100’s of youtube videos with one click of a button! With a clean modern design your visitors will love. DooYouTuber comes with a user management system were your visitors can sign up, login and submit a youtube video directly from their profile page and like videos that they visit on the site which will automatically be added to thier profile page.


First add your database details at dooYouTuber > config > database.php file then Install DooYouTuber using the one page installer with a few clicks and you are done! (full documentation is provided).


  • PHP 5.5.9 or higher
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension (comes as standard with most host)
  • PDO PHP Extension (comes as standard with most host)
  • Mbstring PHP Extension (comes as standard with most host)
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension (comes as standard with most host)
  • mod_rewrite (comes as standard with most host)
  • 1 Mysql database
  • Youtube API Key


  • Scheduler – Schedule a Channel’s Videos or Searched Videos to be imported periodically – Every 30mins, Every Hour, Daily or Weekly
  • Responsive Design – desktop, mobile and tablet friendly
  • Easy one page installer
  • Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Googleplus sharebuttons
  • Disqus comments on videos
  • User management system
  • Dashboard Video and User statistics
  • Import a single Youtube Video
  • Import a Youtube channnels videos
  • Import youtube videos by a search term
  • view/Edit/Delete Videos
  • view/edit/add/delete users
  • Add video categories

  • show featured videos on home page
  • show selected categories videos on home page
  • add Video status for approval – active, inactive
  • Registered Users can submit a youtube video
  • Latest, most viewed, trending, channels and Categories video page
  • Pagination
  • Admin area (view screen shots)
  • User forget password reset
  • Widget ready –place advertising – adsense, banners etc..on single video page, category page, trending page etc..
  • Friendly URL’s
  • Add seo meta details in admin area – keywords, description and site title
  • Add/Edit/Delete pages: About Us etc..

DooYouTuber CMS Video Portal Updates 02/05/2016 Changelog

Latest Version Updated On 02/05/2016
Fixed bug in the user profile area .
Add a new scheduler feature so videos can be imported periodically
Fixed bug on the ‘Submit button’ in the top nav menu.

Demo DooYouTuber CMS Video Portal Updates 02/05/2016

Full Demo Page

Download DooYouTuber CMS Video Portal Updates 02/05/2016

Download From UploadBoy


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