Beaver Builder v1.7.6 – WordPress Plugin

Beaver Builder v1.7.6

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A Complete Drag & Drop Design System You’ll Love. Easily build responsive WordPress websites without touching a line of code. Use Beaver Builder’s page builder plugin to quickly build pages with any theme. Or, use it with our framework theme for the perfect balance of power and simplicity.

Easily Build Professional WordPress Websites

Save time and stop writing code. Beaver Builder is a powerful and flexible drag and drop design system. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, you’re going to love taking control of your website with Beaver Builder.

If you’re a WordPress User, Beaver Builder will save you time.

Beaver Builder’s prebuilt templates and intuitive drag & drop design system lets you create rich content pages quickly and easily.

If you’re a WordPress Agency, Beaver Builder will change your life.

Using a Page Builder will revolutionize your workflow. Implement the same designs in half the time and let your clients do their own edits.

If you’re a WordPress Business, Beaver Builder will make you money.

Our powerful multisite and white labeling features allow you to create a hosted website builder or an elegantly branded experience for your clients.

Beaver Builder v1.7.6 – WordPress Plugin Changelog

v1.7.6 – 03/29/2016


  • Optimized database calls for global rows and modules.
  • URLs in the builder’s CSS cache are now saved as HTTPS if the site has SSL enabled.
  • Font Awesome and Foundation icon files are now loaded via CDN.
  • The “Publish Changes” button in the builder now says “Submit for Review” for drafts when a user doesn’t have the capability to publish.
  • Changed the error message in the Subscribe Form module to mention tags instead of lists for Drip and Hatchbuck.
  • Added responsive alignment settings to the Icon module. Props to Ben on his first Beaver Builder commit! 🙂
  • Added the option to have uncropped photos in the Posts Carousel and Posts Slider modules.
  • Added the fl_builder_loop_query_args filter for filtering query args in the FLBuilderLoop class.
  • Added the fl_builder_posts_module_layout_path filter for filtering the path of layout files in the Posts module.
  • Added the fl_builder_color_presets filter for adding color presets to the builder’s color picker.
  • Added the fl_builder_after_render_css and fl_builder_after_render_js actions for hooking into after assets are rendered.
  • Added the “remove” method for modules that is only called when they are removed from the page.
  • Exposed bxSlider object in the Posts Carousel and Posts Slider modules so it can be accessed by third party code.
  • Updated bxSlider.
  • Updated translations.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed styling issues with the column settings dropdown in certain themes.
  • Fixed styling issues with column resize handles and global rows and modules.
  • Fixed styling issues with IE11 and full-height rows.
  • Fixed styling issues with the Heading module.
  • Fixed styling issues with the Callout module.
  • Fixed styling issues with the Content Slider module.
  • Fixed a bug with icon fields in nested forms throwing warnings.
  • Fixed a bug with the color picker breaking when the core WordPress color picker scripts are loaded.
  • Fixed a bug with modules set to animate below a slideshow would animate immediately.
  • Fixed a bug with smooth scrolling links having the same ID on two different pages.
  • Fixed a bug with sub-menus going off the right side of the page in the Menu module.
  • Fixed a bug with module classes being serialized in saved layout data when a row is copied.
  • Fixed a bug with mixed double quotes breaking the JS for the FLBuilder::render_query method.
  • Fixed a bug caused by the WPide plugin.
  • Fixed a select field bug where the value of the ‘selected’ function was being echoed instead of returned.
  • Fixed a bug with the Google Plus button not working in the Slideshow module.
  • Fixed a bug with wbr tags breaking nested forms.

Demo Beaver Builder v1.7.6 – WordPress Plugin

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