LearnDash v2.3.1 – WordPress LMS Plugin With All Addons


LearnDash v2.3.1 Learning management systems are only as good as their core features, which is why we have incorporated only the best, most relevant features into our WordPress course plugin based on community feedback. LearnDash is truly a product of the people.

We have made sure that the absolute necessary functionality is not only included, but using it doesn’t take rocket science! From this solid foundation, you have the freedom to mold and modify your LMS so that it is ideal for you by using the thousands of themes and plugins available today for WordPress.

LearnDash – WordPress LMS Plugin Changelog

New Features
Added new [ld_quiz] shortcode to work better within our template environment
Added Course certificate link on [ld_profile] shortcode output
Added logic to allow clearing of Quiz locks in various places within the user WP profile
Added Quizzes to Course Navigation Widget template output
Added .DE language files
Added validation on Quiz admin and user notification From field to force valid email address instead of name
Added progress bar parameter to [ld_course_list] shortcode
Updated logic with expired courses to still provide access to course certificate
Updated Quiz Prerequisite to work with manual mark complete logic
Updated Course Group metabox to hide if no groups are defined
Updated the order of Group Leader LearnDash menu items
Updated the data upgrade admin notice to not display on first time installs
Removed ‘Add New’ link on Reports > Transactions page
Removed ‘[‘ and ‘]’ from course title on PayPal button ouput so it is not treated as a shortcode
Fixed issue where user Essay items were not removed when clearing user LearnDash data via profile
Fixed issue where ‘PDF Page Orientation’ was not retaining selected value after save
Fixed variable in course data upgrade logic
Re-minified ProQuiz JavaScript file

Demo LearnDash v2.3.1 – WordPress LMS Plugin

Full Demo Page

Download LearnDash v2.3.1 – WordPress LMS Plugin

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