Download Guaven FP v2.2.2 – Protect WP-Admin, Hide WP & Theme Name

Download Guaven FP v2.2.2 - Protect WP-Admin, Hide WP & Theme Name

Common advice: Dear website owners, when you purchase a plugin(not only our products, but any plugin), it will be better to test it in test copy website(if you have not, just create it in any subfolder of your web hosting), if everything works ok, then install it in production website.

16 october, 2014 – 2.2 version is available for purchase!
Install Guaven FP and 1. Hide your theme name from your source code
2. Hide wp-content, plugins, wp-includes strings from your source code with single click
3. Protect wp-admin directory from strangers and attackers.

Curious fact: Each day your WordPress website meets hundreds(may be thousands) wp-admin attacks from bots all over the world.(You can make sure about this with log monitoring in your web hosting) They try randomly find your login details and get admin access. Without any configuration, with one single click WP Guaven FP prevents your websites from all of those attacks. And this is only one of 9 features of WP Guaven FP.

WP Guaven Feature Pack is a WordPress plugin that promises unique source code and more secure WordPress site. Made for all and easy to use.

Following are the main features that differentiate Guaven FP:

Hides /wp-admin and /wp-login.php from all visitors and only you can have an access.

Can block wp-admin access even for logged in subscriber users

Removes all WordPress marks from the source code (such as wp, wp-content, wp-admin, wp-includes)

Furnishes your WordPress source code with an absolutely different appearance, as if it is not even developed on a WordPress site.

Removes adminbar as well as the WordPress Meta tags, whereas also can change default jQuery, and customizes wp-login page.

Attention: Guaven FP doesn’t make any change in WordPress Database, WordPress options, or in wp-includes,wp-admin folders,.htaccess file. (Only 7th and 8th features of the plugin needs to make some changes in wp-content folder before enabling, but they are optional features, you choose to use or not to use them) So it is absolutely safe to use. For example if you disable the plugin, old state of your website returns back without any error.

Please, after purchasing first read documentation before using.

Guaven FP supports WordPress Multisite.

Guaven FP works fine with W3 Total Cache and other similiar Cache plugins.

Changelog v 2.2 :
1. wp-admin 404 page now displayed correctly for all themes, pure frontside view. 2. small bug fix about about hiding WordPress headers in front header. 3. enhancement about secret key functional – now you should enter secret key only one time (after entering secret key correctly login retries, forgotten password, password sent pages will not return 404 anymore) 4. Added small 404 message for themes which don’t have 404 template part. 5. Now Guaven FP can competely hide adminbar.

Demo Guaven FP v2.2.2 – Protect WP-Admin, Hide WP & Theme Name

Demo Link

Download Guaven FP v2.2.2 – Protect WP-Admin, Hide WP & Theme Name

Direct Download Link


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