Marketify v2.6.0 – Digital Marketplace WordPress Theme

Marketify v2.6.0

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Marketify v2.6.0 – You’ve heard of eBay, Amazon, and of course ThemeForest – right? Other than each of them being a huge success, you know what they have in common? They’re all Marketplaces.

A Marketplace is a special kind of online store. It’s a site where you bring buyers and sellers together (but you don’t create your own products). Actually, you’re on one right now – as Envato created this marketplace and you’re now looking at a product sold by a different seller.

Until now, the challenge has been two-fold: getting your buyers & sellers, and building out your site. But now you don’t need to worry about the second challenge because we have you covered.

Now, you can focus on gathering a community of buyers and sellers. No need to stress about the rest.

In combination with Easy Digital Downloads (a free plugin), the Marketplace extension bundle (Plugin bundle sold separately), and our theme is all you need to create a variety of digital marketplaces.

  • You can create a marketplace that just sells photographs.
  • You can create a marketplace that just sells fonts.
  • You can create a marketplace that just sells audio files.
  • You can create a marketplace that just sells videos.

Do you catch the theme? You can build any digital marketplace you want. Easily allow authors to create accounts and list their products. Buyers can then purchase products and immediately have access to downloads.

Let’s just do a quick run through of everything you get when you bring this plugin bundle and theme together.

  • Social logins mean your guests don’t have the “login/register” friction before making a purchase decision. (Plugin sold separately)
  • Rating and reviewing is available, but only for customers – protecting your site from spam. (Plugin sold separately)
  • Beautiful audio and video previews right within the theme.
  • A responsive layout that makes your site look great on mobile and tablet devices.
  • Customers can easily create a wish-list – increasing the potential for more sales.
  • Sign up sellers easily with frontend submissions* (Plugin sold separately)
  • Split commissions with sellers* (Plugin sold separately)

Marketify v2.6.0 Changelog

v2.6.0: March 28, 2016
New: Add oEmbed support for Audio downloads. Create a URL field with the `audio` meta key and add a URL.
New: EDD Product Badges styling support.
Fix: Wish List Purchase/Checkout button spacing.
Fix: Be sure WordPress core playlists continue to function after sorting with FacetWP.
Fix: Password repeat field in Frontend Submissions profile form.


Demo Marketify v2.6.0 – Digital Marketplace WordPress Theme

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Download Marketify v2.6.0 – Digital Marketplace WordPress Theme

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