Download NEX-Forms v3.3 – The Ultimate WordPress Form Builder

Download NEX-Forms v3.3 - The Ultimate WordPress Form Builder

WordPress Form Builder

WordPress Form Builder

WordPress Form Builder

NEX-Forms is a high quality and simple to use drag and drop/single click form creator offering a wide range of customizability, flexibility, design and usability that will make online form building a walk in the park. Do you have a need to easily create and customize professional and awesome looking forms on your WordPress website?…This forms builder is the one you need! Also comes with the most easy to use back-end panel you have seen!

  • Fully responsive forms
  • Conditional logic/laws to hide and show fields
  • 38 form elements
  • Create custom form fields
  • Drag and drop or click to add elements to forms
  • Form Grid layout system (with unlimited nesting)
  • On form submission email Auto-responder
  • Live form previewer with different devices
  • 1200+ Fonts available for forms
  • 660+ Icons available for forms
  • Ajax powered forms
  • Sidebar form widget
  • Retina ready icons
  • Anti-spam form submission control
  • Form entry storage
  • Form entry Export
  • Duplicate form fields function
  • Unlimited forms
  • Add form fields to a clipboard
  • Bootstrap integrated form fields
  • Bootstrap integrated web elements
  • jQuery integrated form fields
  • NO Programing skills required to create forms
  • Fun and easy to use admin panel, very very easy to use!
  • Interactive tutorial
  • Unlimited Forms

38 Form Elements

Text, Text area, Select, Multi-Select, Radio buttons, Check boxes, Star rating, Sliders, Spinners, Tags input, Autocomplete, Color pallet, Date-time, Date, Time, File up-loader, Image up-loader, headings, paragraphs, dividers, Panels and more…

Conditional Logic

Show and hide fields plus form elements based on conditions with effects:

  • Fade In / Fade Out
  • Slide Down / Slide Up
  • Show / Hide

Fully Responsive

Forms are fully responsive to fit and work on any device or screen size

Icons fields

Create custom form fields with over 450 icons. Add icon as before, after or before and after to the input field

Email Auto-responder

Receive form submissions in your inbox and send confirmation mails to end users!

Drag and Drop (or Single click)

Easily drag any form element and drop it into your form. Position form elements by simply dragging the element into place.

Use HTML to make your end user confirmation mails sleek and professional

Ajax Powered

Validate and submit forms without page refreshing.

Over 450 Font Awesome Icons

Use over 450 Font Awesome icons in radios, checks, sliders, spinners, custom form fields and more

Over 1200 Google Fonts

Use over 1200 Google fonts with a single click

Bootstrap Grid Layout System

NEX-Forms includes a responsive, mobile first fluid grid system that appropriately scales up to 12 columns as the device or view-port size increases. It includes unlimited grid nesting for easy layout options, as well as powerful mixing for generating more semantic layouts.

Form entry storage and export

In addition to form submission being sent to your email (with file attachments), submissions are stored in your WP ( WordPress ) database.

Export entries to CSV with a single click

Anti-Spam Control

NEX-Forms uses new advanced anti-spam technology and does not need captcha!

No Programming Required

You don’t need to know any kind of programming whatsoever. Build and style forms by simply dragging clicking.

Demo NEX-Forms v3.3 – The Ultimate WordPress Form Builder

Full Demo Page

Download NEX-Forms v3.3 – The Ultimate WordPress Form Builder

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