Download Poedit Pro v1.8.6 Patched By Null24


Poedit Pro v1.8.6 is the best translations editor for translating apps and sites (that use gettext). Thanks to its distraction-free approach, you’ll translate faster and easier with it.

Poedit Pro v1.8.6 Dedicated WordPress Support

Poedit Pro v1.8.6 has dedicated support for WordPress themes and plugins, allowing you to focus on the translation instead of worrying about the technical details.

Poedit Pro v1.8.6 WordPress Themes & Plugins

Poedit Pro v1.8.6 comes with extra smarts: it understands WordPress themes and plugins. When you need to make a new translation, it sets everything up for you — even if you don’t know anything about Gettext (or would rather not waste time learning it all). You can focus on translating the texts, without having to worry about the technical details.

Or you could, you know, do it the old fashioned manual way in the free version of Poedit. But the pro way is so much better.

Poedit Pro v1.8.6 Changelog
– Fix properties window on OS X 10.9 and older.
– Fix visual flicker when quickly scrolling through a file with arrow keys.
– [OS X] Fix rare exception when pasting text.
– Fix file width autodetection when long comments were present.
– Disable Find next/prev menu items properly.

For Patching Please Go To Patch Folder And Open .txt File To Read How Patch This Software! 😎 

Demo Download Poedit Pro v1.8.6 Patched By Null24

Full Demo Page

Download Download Poedit Pro v1.8.6 Patched By Null24

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  1. salam .

    babak jan in patche fayde nadare ke , hamon online translatore 10tayisham az kar mindaze 🙁
    ghorbone dastet bebin mitoni versioni peyda koni ke online translatoresh ok baashe


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