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Restrict Content Pro v2.5 is a complete membership and premium content manager plugin for WordPress . Create an unlimited number of memberships levels, including free, trial and premium. Manage members and their subscriptions, track payments, offer discounts with a complete discount code system, and provide premium, members-only content to your subscribers.

Restrict Content Pro v2.5 – WordPress Plugin Changelog

Version 2.5, March 29, 2016

  • New: Added support for upgrading and downgrading between subscription levels with proration
  • New: Added improved discount, signup fee, and price display on registration
  • New: Added support for Stripe Checkout
  • New: Improved payment history display on Member details page
  • New: Added a View Member link to payment history rows
  • New: Added a System Info report to aid in technical support
  • New: Added a Refund report to the Reports page
  • New: Added improved support for detecting re-activated subscriptions in Stripe
  • New: Added new shortcodes for displaying membership information of currently logged in member
  • New: Currently stored credit / debit card details now show on card update form
  • New: Content restriction options added to custom taxonomies
  • Fix: Is Recurring flag not set properly on successful but late payments
  • Fix:  Initial payments not collected in PayPal Pro gateway
  • Fix: Members not emailed when membership is added manually by site admin
  • Fix: WP Approve User integration improperly disallows access to content with no restrictions
  • Fix: PayPal Express and Pro show an error if the initial amount is less than 0
  • Fix: Zero-decimal currencies not supported properly in Stripe
  • Fix: Incorrect URL to Help page
  • Fix: WooCommerce products still accessible even when restricted
  • Fix: Payment dates do not match up with payment processor
  • Fix: Subscription price not updated in Stripe when updated in Restrict Content Pro
  • Fix: Renewal dates not properly synced with merchant processor when payments are processed
  • Fix: PayPal Express logs the profile ID instead of the transaction ID

Demo Restrict Content Pro v2.5 – WordPress Plugin

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Download Restrict Content Pro v2.5 – WordPress Plugin

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