Easy Digital Downloads for Visual Composer v1.1.1

Easy Digital Downloads for Visual Composer v1.1.1

Easy Digital Downloads for Visual Composer v1.1.1

Marketplace :: VC Grid Addon

Add multiple grid layouts to your web pages for showcasing your EDD Downloads as well as building image galleries in a creative and attractive way.

Because we know how important customization is, extra options have been built so you can choose to style each grid individually.

You can further manage the layouts and organize the content by columns, sorting, pagination, and more. This VC Grid Addon will guaranteed provide your visitors a great viewing and browsing experience on all (mobile) devices and popular browsers.
Marketplace :: VC Slider Addon

A super easy and highly responsive slider with all the options from the VC Grid Addon included. All your EDD Downloads will beautifully fit inside any theme and is fully customizable to match your needs.
Marketplace :: VC Filter Addon

You can now make your EDD Downloads stand out in an eye-catching and a unique new way that hasn’t been seen before.

This VC Filter Addon not only extends our VC Grid Addon, it also comes packed with the essential features, such as animated filtering and sorting options.

Just like all the other VC Addons, it also completely supports any kind of media, be it a simple featured image, thumbnail, video or audio player.
Maketplace :: VC Category Addon

The VC Category Addon is more powerful that one might think. Because we know all too well that internal links are one of the best kept secrets for building your digital reputation and web presence, we came up with this VC Addon in order to boost your search rankings (SEO).

This VC addon comes with additional options such as a list of subcategories, category count, list of author’s avatars, and more.

With the combined power of our VC Slider Addon or VC Grid Addon, you’ll provide your visitors a best viewing experience throughout your website.
Marketplace :: VC News Blocks Addon

We wanted something innovative, out of the ordinary, very different from the common EDD-like templates that are in use today. And therefore with the help of other individuals who shared their ideas, we created the VC Item Widget Addon which is considered to be ideal for a magazine-like EDD powered WordPress website.

It will help you spice up the look and feel of your website and will offer a smooth and enjoyable experience for all the visitors, (potential) buyers and (upcoming) authors who visit your website.
Maketplace :: VC Author Addon

Last but not least, an indispensable VC Addon: Author. Most suitable to let any aspiring, new and established authors highlight their work on your website to grab the buyer’s attention.

Just like almost all other VC addons, here too, we included our Data Settings. Meaning, you can display the author’s Latest items, Recently updated, Random, Coming Soon, Featured, Free items, Best sellers, or Discounted items.
Maketplace :: FES Vendor Addon

It’s finally here; Our FES Vendor VC Addon.
With this VC Addon, you can use the best way to showcase all approved FES vendors and their collection of amazing and creative work on your website.
Significantly increase the exposure of their products, which may automatically lead to an increase of revenue at the same time.

Plenty of features are available at your disposal for developing a professional EDD powered website of high quality.

Once purchased, installed and activated, all the features of this exclusive plugin will be unlocked and at your disposal.

Nothing stands in your way to own and run an approachable, sustainable, and secure platform where visitors, buyers, and authors alike can come together.

Easy Digital Downloads for Visual Composer v1.1.1 Changelog

EDD VC Addons plugin with new options

Inside the Grid, Slider and Filter VC addons the WP Query has been extended with an extra option to include EDD tags, too.
The Filter VC Addon now supports both categories and tags together as filters.
Equal heights feature inside the Filter and Grid VC Addons.
Design support for the following EDD themes: Checkout, Marketify, and SquareCode.

Demo Easy Digital Downloads for Visual Composer v1.1.1

Full Demo Page

Download Easy Digital Downloads for Visual Composer v1.1.1

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