Easy Digital Downloads – Frontend Submissions v2.3.5


Easy Digital Downloads – Frontend Submissions v2.3.5 provides a full-featured package to turn your Easy Digital Downloads powered website into complete marketplace, similar to ThemeForest, Etsy, Creative Market, and other online marketplaces.

With Easy Digital Downloads – Frontend Submissions v2.3.5, users can register and apply to become a vendor, manage their products from the frontend, view their orders, communicate with customers, control their public profile, and more. All of this happens on the frontend of your website through the Vendor’s Dashboard.

Site admins have complete control over the vendor and product approval process and are given extensive controls to manage vendors and their products.

Easy Digital Downloads – Frontend Submissions v2.3.5 is the perfect extension to turn your Easy Digital Downloads store into a full-fledged marketplace.

Features Overview:

  • Complete vendor and product review and management system
  • Full frontend Vendor Dashboard for vendors to manage their products, profile, orders and more
  • Drag-and-drop form builders for registration, submission, and profile forms
  • Email notification options for product submissions, product status changes, vendor registrations, and more
  • Extensive settings to control the exact behavior of vendor registration, product submission, and more

Version 2.3.6, November 27, 2015
Fix: Download files not shown on receipt for vendors
Fix: Prices and Files field requires file URL even when file uploads are not permitted
Fix: Page title not shown properly on vendor shop pages
Fix: Sorting vendors by date is not working properly
Fix: Textarea fields not properly sanitized on save
Fix: Categories field do not show hierarchy properly
New: Repeatable fields support non-input rows if editing is disallowed

Demo Easy Digital Downloads – Frontend Submissions v2.3.5

Full Demo Page

Download Easy Digital Downloads – Frontend Submissions v2.3.5

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        آیا میتونیم با هم کاری داشته باشیم؟؟؟
        منتظز نظر شما هستم….

        • Salam Bebakhshid Dir Pm Midam Nazareton Spam SHode bood! Manam Khodam To Kare Tarjome Hastam Ama Zamaneshow Nadaram Yekam !
          Yekam Bishtar Tozih Bede Dar Che Mavaredi Hamkari Dashte Bashim ? Tarjome Va Foroush ?

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  2. سلام آقا بابک عزیز من ورژن 2.3.5 روی سایم و حتی لوکال نصب میکنم ولی اصلا نیست تو پنلم
    بالای پنلم مینویسه “Notice: Easy Digital Downloads Frontend Submissions requires Easy Digital Downloads 2.3 or higher in order to function properly.”
    در صورتی که ایدیدی من ورژن جدید هستش
    خواهش میکنم ورژن جدیدشو برام میل کن بی زحمت شاید مشکلم حل شد یا راهنماییم کن

  3. آقا مهری سلام
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