Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress v3.1


Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress v3.1 is all-in-one social sharing plugin for WordPress  that allows you share, monitor and increase your social popularity. With Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress you will take your social sharing & following on a next level.

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress v3.1 allows you to share on more than 35 of major social networks and in addition you have Love this button, Comments button, Send to mail and Print. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress also includes 12 native social like, follow and subscribe buttons which will increase your social following and social proof. Plugin gives you the freedom to control every aspect of display but also we simplify the initial setting with easy to use quick setup wizard.

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress v3.1 has 18 build in automated display button methods and 7 powerful shortcodes to meet any social sharing need that you have. We know that your website needs to be readable on all devices while still allowing visitors to share your web pages. Our social sharing plugin provides you mobile optimized display methods that can be used even on smallest devices. Measuring the social activity is also very simple with  Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress  as it comes with build-in modules for Click log analytics, Google Analytics Tracking, Social Media Metrics. 

Media sharing is also important as users very often share images or videos. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress comes with modules for social image share (included for free) and social video share (paid addon).

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress v3.1 has 22 beautiful templates and easy template customizer to fit in any template.

Letting your users see your social networks profiles, follow counts, and easily become a follower is more than important for any business or individual. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress includes Social Fans Counter and Social Profiles modules that makes this possible with just a few settings.

version 3.1 (August 14, 2015)

  • new Avada WordPress theme list of posts integration – automatic detect and adapt the excerpt function of plugin to work with Avada theme
  • new Twitter message length optimization – automatic truncate messages based on 5 possible methods when message exceeds the 140 characters
  • new AffilaiteWP Integration
  • new Browser detect method for mobile display methods when cache plugin can not be configured for mobile work
  • new Automatically generate Twitter hashtags from post tags
  • new Option to deactivate only specific functions of plugin on selected page/post ids
  • new Added float from top for mobile display
  • new Added {title} to campaign tracking codes
  • new Avoid Social Negative Proof option is applied to easy-total-shares shortcode
  • new More button icon style can be set individually for each button position (including mobile), post type or module
  • new Analytics dashboard can provide detailed report for date from the last 30 days
  • new Option to keep post vertical float on screen even when end of content is reached
  • new Click to Tweet text can be translated from plugin settings (Translation Options)
  • new New template in fans counter with round color icons
  • new Option to change width of total site fans button from settings
  • new Fans counter can be set up to 12 columns for site with large sidebars or footer areas
  • new Fields in fans counter to set address for posts, comments and users button
  • new Short URL support for click to tweet module
  • new Usage of texts in social profiles module – now you can add not only icons but also custom texts next to theme
  • new Option to call mobile display methods from shortcode
  • new Option to active buttons for specific posts or pages only from the Display Settings even if their type is not marked for automatic display
  • new Option to disable pop up display method for logged in into site users
  • new Option to set author of post in shares to Facebook (global author from Social Share Optimization and/or different author for each post)
  • new Cache plugin detector and guided messages for actions that are required when such plugin is used
  • new Option to turn on usage of native buttons on mobile devices
  • new Included option in Mobile settings to fix mobile share bar styles when theme is overwriting them
  • new New admin plugin settings template Light that can be activated from Advanced Settings -> Administrative Options
  • update Updated LinkedIn company followers to be able to use without access token – you need to update your profile information to enter full company page address
  • update Increased cached time for dynamic and static resources
  • update Updated Facebook API access address for fans counter as of latest changes from 1st of August
  • update Updated RSS in fans counter and activated again feedblitz counter
  • update Updated excerpt share button generation
  • update Included in plugin recommeded settings for work with cache plugins on mobile devices
  • update Updated clean excerpt function to clean skinned native buttons
  • update Updated On Media display for the jumping image problem
  • fixed In sharing buttons shortcode is properly used default button style from settings when no option for style in shortcode is set
  • fixed Problem with native VK.com like button that does not load always
  • fixed Problem with missing network name when counter position is set to inside and appear on hover but counters are not active
  • fixed Mobile share bar text was not changing
  • fixed Click on WordPress top admin menu shows that page does not exist
  • fixed Mail function on mobile does not apply automatically to send via mail client
  • fixed Notice message related with metabox and custom post types
  • fixed Problem with shorturl when campaign tracking codes are used
  • fixed Deactivating plugin rule was not removing static resources for Fans Counter, Click to Tweet and Image Share
  • fixed Not saving option for all lists in Display Position
  • fixed Problem with Facebook Advanced Sharing when Application ID is used
  • fixed Problem with html message in Fly In and Pop up
  • fixed Metrics Lite not updating
  • fixed Problem with total counter when position is right big number and right modern counter
  • fixed Not applying properly align of buttons on topbar, bottombar when no content area is selected
  • fixed Problem with mail link send command
  • fixed Very rear appearing problem with counters shown twice on site
  • fixed Notification in back end for missing previous resource that was used
  • fixed Problem with short urls for all networks
  • fixed Print button not counting when PrintFriendly was used
  • fixed Top bar problem when fixed height is used
  • fixed Problem with clean buttons and permanlinks when “-” is replaced in permalinks
  • fixed Notification in stats screen when cal_days_in_month is not activated in installation
  • fixed Problem with share buttons bar and share point when there is another mobile plugin that uses same priority
  • fixed Problem with ‘ symbol in article titles and Tweet message

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