Freelance Cockpit v3.0.4.3 – Project Management and CRM


Freelance Cockpit v3.0.4.3 – Project Management and CRM

  • Dashboard
    Helpful overview of open projects, open invoices, received and outstanding payments, open tasks, messages and events.
  • Project Management
    Create and manage all your projects.
  • Project Tasks
    You can add tasks to any project.
  • Client Tasks
    You can enable clients to create tasks.
  • Tasks Timers
    Every agent can track his time spent on tasks and every task has a dedicated timesheet.
  • Tasks Timesheets
    Every task has it’s own timesheet.
  • Project Milestones
    Milestones will help you to group your tasks together.
  • Support Tickets
    Let your Clients open tickets to keep track of any incident. It also supports email tickets.
  • Project Timer
    This will help you to track the time you have spent on a project.
  • GANTT Charts on Projects
    Every project has it’s own gantt chart grouped by milestones or agents
  • Multi File Upload and File Commenting
    On all projects you can upload any kind of files, like a screenshot of the mockup you made for a new web project and share them with your client.
  • Client Management
    Easily manage your clients with all the details you need.
  • Client Portal
    Your clients can view the status of their projects and invoices.
  • Invoice Management
    Creating and sending invoices was never that easy!
  • Expenses
    Track all your expenses.
  • Estimates
    Send estimates to your clients.
  • Recurring Invoices
    Create recurring invoices.
  • Calendar
    Beautiful calendar with optional Google calendar integration.
  • Item Management
    Manage your items/products
  • Reports
    A nice chart to view your income, expenses by a given period
  • User Activity Widget
    See who is online.
  • Email Notifications
    Get email notifications on new messages, project assignment etc.
  • User Access Levels
    Control the access of your agents to the different modules.
  • Quick Access
    Quickly open a project or start/stop the timer using the Quick Access widget.
  • Database backup
    Never loose any data again!
  • System Update
    As soon as an update gets released, you can update your application within the webinterface.
  • Easy Installation Tool
    Very easy installation, no programming skills required.
  • Multi Language Support
    Full language support with language files.
  • Quotation Request
    The quotation request form can be accessed without login, so you can send the link directly to potential clients or just add the link to your corporate website.
  • Private Messaging
    Send private messages to admins and clients.
  • Stripe payment Integration
    Your clients can easily pay via credit card using the stripe service.
  • payment Integration
    Your clients can easily pay via credit card using the service.
  • 2Checkout payment Integration
    Your clients can easily pay via credit card using the 2Checkout service.
  • Paypal IPN Integration
    Your clients can easily pay invoices via Paypal.
  • Paypal Subscription Integration
    Paypal subscriptions for recurring invoices.
  • Customize CSS
    You can change the CSS styles directly from the settings page.
  • Theme Color Customizer
    You can change all main colors like the sidebar background, body background etc with a very easy color picker on the settings page so the layout perfectly fits your brand style.
  • Login Style
    The login page is available in side mode and center mode and you can choose the background image or upload your own.
  • Gravatar support
    Gravatar will be used as a fallback if you don’t upload a profile image.

Freelance Cockpit v3.0.4.3 – Project Management and CRM Changelog

 v3.0.4.3 – 2016-12-31
– Datepicker updated
– Incorrect statistic calulations fixed
– Reporting always showing all months issue fixed
– PDO driver updated
– Form validator issues fixed

Demo Freelance Cockpit v3.0.4.3 – Project Management and CRM Changelog

Full Demo Page

Downlaod Freelance Cockpit v3.0.4.3 – Project Management and CRM Changelog

Download From UploadBoy

More download links Freelance Cockpit v3.0.4.3 – Project Management and CRM


  1. on the FC_Application\install\install.php file, null can be achieved on line #200 by removing ‘false’ and change it to ‘true’.
    line 200 should look like this: if ($object->error != true) {
    Glad I can finally contribute something to this amazing page, thanks Babak.

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  3. Vitor, nicely saying what everyone else was thinking about fago. Then Murad had to go and mess it all up. lol Thanks for your comment


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