Freelancer Office v1.8.7 PHP Script


Freelancer Office v1.8.7 PHP Script is a simple and convenient web based project management and time tracking tool for managing projects, invoicing, tasks tracking and monitoring your work.

Freelancer Office v1.8.7 PHP Script Changelog

v1.8.7 – September 02, 2016
– Added option to enable/disable auto update exchange rates
– Added option to change chart color
– Added option to add custom events to calendar
– Added TAX 2 to Invoice/Estimates
– Fixed email template company logo size
– Fixed Online payments date formats
– Added file uploads to Clients section
– Fixed blank screen during install on some servers
– Fixed other known bugs

Demo Freelancer Office v1.8.7 PHP Script

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Download Freelancer Office v1.8.7 PHP Script

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  1. I found a trick how to skip this

    when you get the page with activation code just fix step number in your browser address field.

    at the end of the line you should see a variable “step=3”
    just replace step=3 with step=4, hit enter and it will continue the installation process.

    I also got stuck with DB error and there wasn’t anything in the docs, so I figured how to fix this error. Open the main folder, go to “resource” and you will find two sql files.


    Import them into the office database and crm will work just fine.
    This will set the login to admin and password to admin.

    Hope this helps.

  2. You can also comment out with // (or delete) line 318+319 in application/views/install.php

    rules: {
    //set_envato_user: “required”,
    //set_envato_license: “required”,


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