Glenn v1.2 – Responsive Email Template

Glenn v1.2 – Responsive Email Template

Glenn v1.2 Box style email template that make your information look more easily to read and unique. With a contrast color panel, for more specific content to clearly and easy noticeable.

  • Template Builder by Campaign Monitor, MailChimp, and MyMail
  • Compatible with FreshMail
  • 144 html file.
  • 96 regular html file ready to use.
  • 6 color scheme in light and dark background (Cyan, Blue, Green, Purple, Dark, Pink).
  • Commented HTML.
  • Flexible table structure (delete/copy/replace).
  • Campaign Monitor and MailChimp ready.
  • Responsive for your mobile device.
  • Flat and Clean Design.
  • CSS Button
  • Contrast panel good for specific information.
  • Eye catching with bright Color used.
  • Sliced Icons ready to use (from )
  • Compatible with awesome WordPress plunin MyMail

 18/02/2014 V 1.2

Fix for SendBlaster 3 in all regular html file.

Demo Glenn v1.2 – Responsive Email Template

Full Demo Page

Download Glenn v1.2 – Responsive Email Template


    • manam ham aval bavaram nashod bad didam ke in agha babak karesh biste ….. ja dare haminja az ishon tashakor vizhe bokonam .. agha babak age mitoonin hanoos az in them haye my mail nul konid …. vaghan mamnoon :-*


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