INFOBAR WP PRO v2.2 – WordPress Plugin

INFOBAR WP PRO v2.2 - WordPress Plugin

INFOBAR WP PRO v2.2 – Get your hands on INFOBAR WP PRO v2.2, Developer Rights, 100 extra templates, and everything you need to double your profits with InfoBar… FAST!

  • Announce News & Events

    The 100 Infobar templates includes news and event announcements

  • Guide Your Customers

    Point your customers to the right pages through the order process

  • Get More Followers

    Promote your Facebook and Twitter profiles to get more engagement

  • Profit from holidays and occasions

    Included: Christmas, Halloween and other holiday related templates

  • Promote products and offers

    Promote your coupons, special offers, and affiliate promotion with templates

  • Grow your email list

    Build your list with targeted Infobars linking to your optin pages

Exclusive Pro Features:

Increase Conversions

Sit back and relax with the Automatic Conversions feature

Target Browsers

Target Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera or mobile users specifically

Target Referrer

Only show your Infobars to users coming from specific URLs and websites

Demo INFOBAR WP PRO v2.2 – WordPress Plugin

Full Demo Page

Download INFOBAR WP PRO v2.2 – WordPress Plugin

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