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Intenso v1.5.0 – Advanced Magento Theme Is Now Available For DOwnload

Intenso is the most advanced theme ever, with features that make magento even more powerful. Based On Foundation 5 framework, it features a smart responsive design with powerful extensions included out of the box.

  • Unlimited colors – Change the color of most elements from the Admin panel using a color picker.
  • Google Fonts – integration with Google Fonts.
  • Custom font stack – ability to select standard web-safe fonts (e.g. Arial, Verdana) or define custom font stack (e.g.: Arial, “Helvetica Neue”, Helvetica, sans-serif)
  • Customizable Star Rating color – Select between 8 available colors (turquoise, yellow, red, green, blue, gray, purple, pink)
  • Based on Foundation 5 framework – use the framework tools on your custom CMS pages.
  • Customizable page width – select the maximum width of the page (from 300px to 1440px). When the device screen is wider than 1440px, the website design will become a boxed design showing a background color on the sides that can be customized from the Admin panel.
  • Off-canvas menus on mobile – On small screens, the main menu, the filter menu from catalog and the sidebar menu from customer admin become off-canvas (app-like sliding menu)
  • Ready-to-use icon fonts – insert any of the included icon fonts on your CMS pages by using a simple class name.
Category View
  • Advanced Layered Navigation – powerful custom extension included out-of-the-box to improve SEO on URLs, with AJAX filtering and multiple select for attributes.
  • Animated layout changes – when the category page is resized, the filter pane is open/closed or when switching to grid/list, the products are gracefully animated to their new position, thanks to the included Isotope.js library.
  • Off-canvas Filter pane – filters and sorters stays out of the way until needed.
  • Fully Responsive grid – forget about setting column numbers for each breakpoint. Just set a minimum width for your products and they will automatically adjust to any screen size.
  • Instant Grid/List change – No more page reloading or waiting AJAX request. Just click the grid or list button and your products will change instantly with a beautiful animation.
  • Rich Snipets – make the most of your SEO with the automatic Rich Snipets included, as recommended by Google.
  • Configurable Swatches – show color swatches (or any other configurable attribute, like size) on the category pages. Just click the swatch option and the product image will change immediately (only available for Magento 1.9.1.x)
Product Page
  • Full Page Zoom – click the product image to enlarge it to 100% of the viewport. Click it again and it will enlarge to its full size. Navigate through all the available gallery images within the zoom. The zoom works flawlessly on touch screens. Even use pinch-to-zoom gesture to enlarge the image to its full width.

Note: images shown in previews are not included in the download package due to licensing restrictions.

Intenso v1.5.0 Changelog

Version 1.5.0 (April 8, 2016)
Changes in version 1.5.0
– New Product Labels functionality. Add unlimited product labels and configure any combination of rules to display custom labels in product page and/or category pages.
– New config option to enable/disable social icons and newsletter sign up field on mobile.
– New config option to disable menu links in the customer account menu.
– New option to add brand logo on product page.
– New option to display thumbnails of additional images in product page a a slider (instead of stacked)
– New config option to select the event type that opens and closes the mega-menu (hover or click)
– New config option to auto-dismiss notification message popups after x seconds.
– New AJAX functionality to Layered Navigation inside Search Results page.
– New option to change color of Quick View button.
– Fixed CSS issue in quantity field of the checkout/cart/configure page.
– Fixed bug in Featured Products widget when product source is “Specific Category”. Now second-level and third-level categories are correctly shown as tab names when “Show Category Tabs” is set to Yes.
– Fixed aspect ratio bug in Featured Categories slider.
– Fixed absolutely positioned elements on List mode in catalog. Now the description, price, add to cart button, ratings, etc are positioned relatively.
– Fixed bug in catalog pages on mobile.
– Several minor bug fixes

Demo Intenso v1.5.0 – Advanced Magento Theme

Full Demo Page

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