iThemes Security Pro v1.16.0

iThemes Security Pro v1.16.0

WordPress security that’s more like a to-do list than a terminal. iThemes Security v1.16.0 shows you a list of things to do to make your site more secure with a simple way to turn options on or off. We’ve simplified these steps and provided descriptions of each action so you know exactly what’s happening on your site. You shouldn’t have to be a security pro to use a security plugin. And isn’t that the point?

v1.16.0 – 2015-07-06 – Chris Jean
Feature Removal: Removed the malware scanning and malware wp-cli integration features as VirusTotal no longer supports scanning from WordPress sites. A replacement is in the works.
Bug Fix: The close button on the “Thank you for activating iThemes Security” message now appears in the correct location.
Bug Fix: Removed the site’s URL being displayed in the “Replace jQuery With a Safe Version” setting details.
Bug Fix: Updated .htaccess rules to be compatible with Apache 2.4 without the auth compat module.
Bug Fix: Enabling and disabling the “Remove File Writing Permissions” setting now updates the file permissions properly.
Bug Fix: Web servers that cannot be recognized now default to Apache.
Enhancement: Updated the hackrepair lists.

Demo iThemes Security Pro v1.16.0

Full Demo Page

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