LearnDash v2.2 – WordPress LMS Plugin


LearnDash v2.2 – WordPress LMS Plugin

LearnDash v2.2 Learning management systems are only as good as their core features, which is why we have incorporated only the best, most relevant features into our WordPress course plugin based on community feedback. LearnDash v2.2 is truly a product of the people.

We have made sure that the absolute necessary functionality is not only included, but using it doesn’t take rocket science! From this solid foundation, you have the freedom to mold and modify your LMS so that it is ideal for you by using the thousands of themes and plugins available today for WordPress .

LearnDash v2.2 – WordPress LMS Plugin Changelog

3/9/2016 V2.2
Added essay question support
Added manual grading for assignments
Added Quiz option to allow admin to set the time limit on the cookie or disable cookie
Added learndash_date_time_formats filter to allow override of date time display
Added learndash_date_time_offset filter that takes default WP gmt_offset and allows adjustment
Added ‘date-type’ attribute to outer list item to allow styling for questions
Added logic to JSON pack quiz data for AJAX (applicable to quizzes with many questions)
Updated quiz statistics recording on large quizzes to support more hosting configurations
Updated learndash_template_script.js loading
Updated LearnDash timestamp/timezone logic
Updated enqueued JS and CSS, moving into the proper hook to allow for more effective style dequeuing
Fixed HTML5 validation errors
Fixed spelling error in quiz (Users instead of Useres)
Removed XDEBUG from

Demo LearnDash v2.2 – WordPress LMS Plugin

Full Demo Page

Download LearnDash v2.2 – WordPress LMS Plugin

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