License Manager for Woocommerce v5.2


License Manager for Woocommerce v5.2 – Guess what ?! Selling licenses on Woocommerce just got a lot much more better ! License Manager for Woocommerce is a Woocommerce extension that adds the functionality of managing license codes to Woocommerce.

This plugin is your ultimate solution for managing license codes on your store. It provides you with the opportunity of:

  • adding license codes
  • Individually deleting license codes
  • Providing your buyers with a license code
  • tracking license code usage via admin panel

** I would recommend this plugin for stores that sell products requiring license codes like games,softwares,or anything that you might want to assign a license to after purchase
Download the plugin from and upload it through your plugins page
Navigate to the plugins page and activate your plugin.

STEP 1 : Upload your license numbers(.txt format) or use the input box to upload license codes individually.

Email Templates & Tags :
[blog_name] = Website Title
[order_id] = Order ID
[license_code] = License Code
[item_id] = Item ID
[item_name] = Item Name
[receiver_name] = Receiver Name

License Manager for Woocommerce v5.2 Changelog

-Moved license settings page under settings to License settings tab on woocommerce settings.
-Removed sending license code based on order status.
-License code is automatically sent only for completed and processing orders.
-Added email templates and tags
-Fixed compatibility issues with woocommerce.

Demo License Manager for Woocommerce v5.2

Full Demo Page

Download License Manager for Woocommerce v5.2

Download From UploadBoy



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