Massive Addons for Visual Composer v2.2

Massive Addons for Visual Composer v2.2

Massive Addons for Visual Composer v2.2 is the most complete extensions package. Over 1000 presets, more then 50 shortcodes & additions, easy to use.

Massive Addons – Uber Visual Composer Extension

Hello, in May 2015 we have set out to create The Best Visual Composer addon with all the bells and whistles that you expect from such package. After 8 months we have ended up with Massive Addons and we think it is awesome! Learn All about it below, and thank you for your interest!

We are working as designers and developers for over a decade, you can say we know our way around the web Visual Composer is our go to page builder for years and that’s why we know it’s advantages and drawbacks. At the beginning we have investigated what is wrong with current addon packages and VC itself. Most of the packages are slow, heavy weight and does not look good. Each time you want to change something you need to go through tons of settings to achieve the same look. There is no easy way to easily create stuff with few clicks and that got us thinking.

We came up with Presets. Basically presets are “templates” of styles & layouts for your shortcodes. With presets you can recreate any layout anywhere on the website with just one click. Of course you can create your own presets, edit the build in package (there are over 1000 presets) or delete those you do not need anymore.

But this wasn’t our only assumption. It had to be easy to use, fast, reliable eye-catching. To give our users full control we have created lots of settings, but we also wanted it to look welcoming and simple. That’s why we have created Easy Mode. It displays only the necessary settings and hides the rest. We created the easiest workflow possible: load preset, change (for example) content, save and you are done.

Optimization was also a key assumption. We have spent a lot of time on it and scored an “A” grade on gTmetrix with almost 100% score.

To put Massive Addons into perspective we have: 50+ shortcodes & additions, 1000+ presets, 18 page templates, 5000+ settings, 15 tutorial videos. It took us almost 7000 hours of coding, 541 GIT Commits and we have written over 130 000 lines of code!

Massive Addons for Visual Composer v2.2 Changelog

16/11/2016 – v2.2
– WordPress 4.6.1
– Visual Composer 5.0
– WooCommerce 2.6.8
– Shortcodes Group name changed from MPC to Massive
– Filters and hooks to incorporate new fonts icons
– Counter Delay and Disable easing options
– Google API key for Google Maps
– Maximum Slide Show Delay increased to 15s for all carousels
– Fonts subset issue
– Presets popup issue
– Possible SSL issue in page installer
– RGBA color picker issue
– Single JS/CSS files with WC shortcodes
– WC Product displaying only first product
– Missing autocomplete field in some cases
– WC Product taxonomy now searches also in product tags
– Post Type names for autocomplete
– Grid Posts – single column item size
– Grid Posts isotope error
– Video Lightbox animation
– Youtube in Lightbox now has autoplay
– Charts init inside Tabs
– Tooltip position on page load
– Tooltip in Textblock shortcode
– Image shortcode inside Carousel Anything
– Navigation hiding behind Carousels
– Possible Slider/Carousels conflict with UA/themes
– Row compatibility issues
– Row performance with closing nodes detection
– Row regex fix for HTML comments like <!– BEGIN : SECTION –>
– Disable Row issue
– Row display issue with Jupiter theme
– Toggle Row height issue
– merge_atts error with some themes
– Menu position conflict with Retailer theme
– Modal compatibility with Bridge theme
– Style Preset issue with The7 theme
– Other small fixes

Demo Massive Addons for Visual Composer v2.2

Full Demo Page

Download Massive Addons for Visual Composer v2.2

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