NinjaGram Instagram Bot v2.8.3 Cracked


NinjaGram Instagram Bot v2.8.3 Cracked – Welcome to NinjaGram, the world’s #1 Instagram bot. This proprietary and versatile marketing software handles all of the repetitive grunt work, SAVES you large amounts of time, gets you thousands of followers, and helps you generate more profit from this wildly popular image sharing website!

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NinjaGram comes at the perfect time since Instagram now boasts over 300 million active users. Our marketing software includes the following comprehensive features:

  • Target users/photos by keyword search, tag search, user’s followers, user’s friends, your feed, URL, recent comments or likes.
  • Auto follow (you can also monitor a tag and like any users making new posts, thereby ensuring you are only following active accounts).
  • Auto unfollow (you can exclude users you followed less than X days ago or users who haven’t followed you back).
  • Auto like (you can also monitor your feed or a tag search and like any new photos).
  • SUPERLIKE! Like targeted users’ last 5 photos. Extremely effective method to gain more followers.
  • Auto comment from a list of comments (spintax allowed).
  • Like a person’s most recent photo when following them.
  • Time delay feature to keep your account safe.
  • Blacklist
  • Proxy support
  • Import/export accounts from text file.
  • Image resizer
  • And more!!!

By the way, you get all of the bells and whistles you’re used to like regular software updates, support within 24 hours. Download our FREE 2 hour demo! Just enter your name and email below so we know where to send it.

Here’s what NinjaGram will do for you:

1) Get you thousands of followers on Instagram quickly on virtual auto-pilot.

2) Make you one of the most popular figures in your industry or niche

3) Get you an avalanche of qualified website traffic, recognition and exposure

4) Dramatically increase your product sales and profits.

5) Create an overwhelming presence on Instagram, which boosts your social proof and credibility.

NinjaGram Instagram Bot v2.8.3 Cracked Changelog

08-05-2016: I am aware of the crashes that happen after a few hours; this is caused because the developer of this application wrote poor code, I can’t resolve this.
08-05-2016: The infections are FALSE, the installer is packed with a public packer which are known for high detection rates.

Demo NinjaGram Instagram Bot v2.8.3 Cracked

Full Demo Page

Cracked By Null24.Net [Babak]

Download the ZiP archive from the link below
Install NinjaGram using the installer
After installing, replace the NinjaGram.exe in the Crack directory with the one from the archive

Download NinjaGram Instagram Bot v2.8.3 Cracked

Download From UploadBoy


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