Polyon v1.9 – Futuristic WordPress Theme

Polyon v1.9 - Futuristic WordPress Theme

Polyon v1.9 – Futuristic WordPress Theme is a WordPress theme of the next generation and best suited for small and big businesses. With 350+ admin options (see here) it is one of the most customizable themes here on ThemeForest.

Polyon v1.9 The SEO optimized theme lets you choose between 300+ fonts, you have extensive color and typography options (yes, you can even change the font size) and with the background uploader you can easily personalize your website. No HTML/CSS knowledge is needed to create unique designs.
The visual shortcode generator with 100+ shortcodes is as easy as clicking a button and helps you to format and spice up your content the way you want it. You’re also free to change the sizes of ALL images, thanks to Polyon v1.9 dynamic image resizing capabilities. The layout can be set to boxed or full-width and you decide weather you want a bold or minimalistic look.
With the choice between 8 different front page styles and 24+ layout variations for your blog and portfolio pages, it’s a breeze to find the right style. Sidebars are unlimited too, just like the number of your portfolio pages. Polyon v1.9 is translation ready, with English, Dutch, French, Spanish and German already included.

  • 350+ Admin Options (see here)
    Even though Polyon has a ton of options, it works completely out of the box. The options just give you the freedom to to customize almost every single corner of the theme if you want to.
  • Unlimited Colors (see here)
    Set which ever color you like for 43 objects in the theme via color picker. You don’t have to set every color separately. With the QuickPicker you can set one color scheme and all other fields get synced automatically.
  • Unlimited Portfolios (see here)
    Set up as many portfolio pages as needed. You can even adjust the height of your featured images for every page separately if you have one portfolio for websites whose images need to be in landscape mode and one for portrait photography. You can also choose to disable excerpts, title or featured images.
  • Unlimited Sidebars (see here)
    Create a sidebar, fill it up with widgets and assign it to any page you like.
  • Unlimited Layout Combinations
    Pick from a variety of column and grid layouts, full width or with sidebar, with or without excerpts, buttons, or featured images. Design your site your way!
  • SEO Optimized
    Polyon was designed with SEO in mind from the start. HTML5 makes it possible to assign H1 tags not only to the site title, but also to the main post and page titles. In the code hierarchy the content is always placed before the sidebar, regardless of its position.
  • 100+ Shortcodes with Visual Shortcode Generator (tons of optional display settings)
    You never have to remember a shortcode again. With a few clicks you can configure your shortcode and even get a preview how it will look.
  • 300+ Fonts (support for Google Web Fonts and integrated Fonts via @font-face)
    Not only that you can pick between 300+ Fonts, you can also apply them to various areas of your site. Endless possibilities.
  • Background Uploader (see here)
    You can not only choose from the backgrounds that already come with Polyon, but upload your own images for 3 different areas of the theme.
  • Full and Boxed Layout
    Besides the default (full) layout you can pick between 2 boxed layouts and apply backgrounds to them.
  • 8 Front Page Variations
    Choose between 4 Sliders and 4 layouts for videos or images. Then pick a page whose contents you want to show on the front page.
  • Minimalistic Layout Option
    If you don’t want a fancy 3D look with shadows and shades you can easily switch to a minimalistic look that removes all the bells and whistles and leaves the theme with a clean look.
  • Extensive Typography Options (see here)
    You have full control over 300+ fonts and Polyon lets you even adjust their sizes for various areas of the theme.
  • 8 Custom Widgets
    Social Links, Contact Data, Latest Posts (List and Image Style), Latest Work (List and Image Style), 125 Pixel Ads, Flickr Stream, Twitter
  • Image Size Options (see here)
    Polyon gives you absolute control over every image on your page. This is especially great for photographers, since you can pick default sizes to crop your featured images or simply set them to adapt the height. If you need to make an exception, no problem – simply change the settings for a single page, or overwrite the featured image just for the page view and not for the blog overview. Also notable: No TimThumb is needed. So you don’t have to worry about security issues, folder permissions and weirdly cropped images.
  • Child Theme Support
    Polyon is a robust parent theme, so if you want to change something, all you have to do is to use the integrated child theme skeleton and overwrite the already existing functions. This way the original theme stays untouched and you can preform updates – no code gets lost.
  • State of the Art WordPress Framework
    You could also call it “the engine” or “the heart” of the theme. Polyon is based on a hightly flexible and modular framework thats purpose is to make the theme ultra customizable and rock solid at the same time.
  • Demo Content available
    You can easily import some dummy content to get a quick start with the theme. It will automatically create some posts, pages, portfolio and featured items to play around with, till you feel comfortable.

Polyon v1.9 – Futuristic WordPress Theme Changelog

Polyon v1.9
FIXED: PrettyPhoto XSS vulnerability

Demo Polyon v1.9 – Futuristic WordPress Theme

Full Demo Page

Download Polyon v1.9 – Futuristic WordPress Theme

Download From UploadBoy


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