PrivateContent v5.1 – Multilevel Content Plugin

Download PrivateContent v5.1 Nulled

Download PrivateContent v5.1 – Multilevel Content Plugin

PrivateContent Multilevel Content Plugin v5.1

PrivateContent v5.1 Nulled

PrivateContent is a powerful, yet easy, solution to power WordPress , turning it into a true multilevel membership platform. Take advantage from advanced users management features and restrict any part of your website. Everything without coding skills!

PrivateContent Features list

  • Users membership:
    • unlimited user levels
    • unlimited levels assignment per user
    • Admin manual insertion
    • Unlimited and flexible registration forms
      • flexible fields structure
      • text blocks
      • custom categories assignment (through shortcode)
      • custom redirect (through shortcode)
      • Password strength setup
      • Anti-spam systems: honey-pot or reCAPTCHA
      • Two layouts (one-column – fluid)
    • Fast and intuitive list management
    • Sorting and simple + advanced search
    • Multi status: active – disabled – pending approval
    • Export and import
  • Contents restriction systems: (based on user categories)
    • PrivateContet shortcode with optional warning box
    • Pages / posts / custom post types total restriction through redirect
    • Categories / custom taxonomies total restriction through redirect
    • Logged user restriction (to hide contents to logged users) with optional custom redirect
    • Categories / custom taxonomies contents restriction
    • Menu items
    • Pages / posts / custom post types comment
    • Widgets
    • Complete, 1-click, website lock
  • Login form and logout button with custom redirects
  • Users reserved area with preset contents and private comments
  • WP users sync to allow WP-based systems usage + WP role emulator
  • Three preset form styles + custom skin builder
  • Customizable messages
  • 100% translatable + 18 frontend languages ready to be used + WPML ready
  • Dev-friendly API structure + hooks
  • Modular structure (check add-ons)

PrivateContent v5.055 – release date 08/01/2016
– fixed: change_status query (occurring with PHP < 5.4)

PrivateContent v5.1 Changelog

v5.1 – release date 12/03/2016
– settings now keep selected tab through savings
– avoid browser fields autopopulation in add user page
– improved custom taxonomies and post type restriction management
– users list badges now on two columns
– ligther WP loop integration
– improved restriction helper in edit post and posts list

– fixed: get_users query bug on searching only with meta
– fixed: possible menu builder integration
– fixed: WP synced flag on manual user addition
– fixed: password update without repeat check in “edit user” page
– fixed: default private page content saving in settings
– fixed: wrong code composition in shortcode yellow warning

– new action: pc_cust_style_setting_opts to add custom styling options
– new filter: pc_custom_redirect_url to manage used redirects
– new filter: pc_custom_field_type to create custom field types
– new filter: pc_pages_wp_query_filter to manage WP_query’s excluded pages
– new filter: pc_terms_wp_query_filter to manage WP_query’s excluded terms
– new filter: pc_forced_page_restriction to force pages restriction
– new filter: pc_forced_term_restriction to force terms restriction
– new filter: pc_reg_form_custom_valid to add custom validation in registration forms
– new filter: pc_affected_pt to manage integrated custom post types
– new filter: pc_affected_tax to manage integrated taxonomies
– new_filter: pc_extra_user_check to perform extra checks on cat-based acceptance
– new filter: pc_user_cat_dd_opts to add custom options in restriction dropdown
– new filter: pc_reg_form_builder_ignore_fields to remove fields to be used in form builder
– new filter: pc_forbidden_field_indexes to add field indexes that must not be used in add-ons

Demo PrivateContent v5.1 – Multilevel Content Plugin

Full Demo Page

Download PrivateContent v5.1 – Multilevel Content Plugin

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