Publisher v1.7.4 – Magazine, Blog, Newspaper and Review WordPress Theme


Publisher v1.7.4 is the useful and powerful WordPress magazine theme with great attention to details, incredible features, an intuitive user interface and everything else you need to create outstanding websites.

Designed for Performance

All aspects and sections of Publisher was developed with high programming skills to load faster with using smaller server usages! Also publisher support Google AMP with exclusive plugin that we developed and bundled inside theme to load 4x faster in mobiles.

Fully responsive

Publisher is fully responsive and will look perfect regardless of whether you’re using a huge desktop or a small phone. Desktops, iPads, iPhones, Android phones, doesn’t matter. Publisher will look great.

Feature Rich

Publisher comes with a lot of options that enables you to change any section of your site without need to change the codes! Also Publisher comes with panels like Translation Panel that you can use it to translate it in you language or Font Manager Panel that you can upload you custom fonts and use them.

Short Features List

Publisher v1.7.4 – Magazine, Blog, Newspaper and Review WordPress Theme Changelog

v1.7.4 – 15 Feb 2017
– Added: “Last updated” time added to posts page.
– Added: RSS added to social counter.
– Added: Advanced option to show/hide editor columns helper from Publisher panel.
– Improved: Ad “After header” and “Before footer” wrapped with box container.
– Improved: AMP RTL style checked and fixed for all pages.
– Improved: Breadcrumb moved to be before “after header” ad location [All publisher/views/ files changed]
– Improved: Options panel advanced tab usability improved.
– Improved: “Templates” tab renamed to “General” in theme panel for better understanding.
– Fixed: Breadcrumb RTL style fixed.
– Fixed: AMP Large listing image style.
– Fixed: AMP Subtitle wrong tag close.
– Fixed: AMP Google Analytics not works.
– Fixed: AMP Missing close tag for
– Fixed: Breadcrumb not showing in 404 page.

Demo Publisher v1.7.4 – Magazine, Blog, Newspaper and Review WordPress Theme

Full Demo Page

Download Publisher v1.7.4 – Magazine, Blog, Newspaper and Review WordPress Theme

I Test it , This is nice theme, try it 😀

Download From UploadBoy

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  1. I tried it yesterday from another website. This theme will install, but won’t let you do anything else without licence, unless it is nulled. I don’t know if Babak has nulled it.

  2. اگه واقعا بتونی اینو کرک کنی عالیه میشه
    بدون کرک هم البته جواب میده
    ولی دهن آدم صاف میشه

  3. Guys, the theme hack takes 5 minutes and basic debugger knowledge, what’s the problem to crack it by yourselfs?
    Check the wp-content/themes/publisher/includes/libs/better-framework/oculus/class-bf-oculus.php at line 147. Add the
    $response->result = true;
    $response->status = ‘success’;
    after this line and be happy.
    P.S. You will not be able to install the plugin or update it from Theme Panel, please do it manually.

    • Actually, you will need to do some actions, if you will need translations or example pages, but the algorithm is the same – put your debugger to the line I mentioned and check next which data it expects to see and add them,

  4. Hi, first thanks for the share, ts very cool.
    I cant install demos of the theme because it still says “Please register your theme” even if added the codes before on line 147.

    Have anyone any idea ?

    Thanks a lot


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