Real Estate Agency Portal v1.5.4

Real Estate Agency Portal v1.5.4

Script was born to be ahead in innovation and at the peak of the real estate portal solutions, specifically designed for easy customization and use. The script is so awesome that there are several clones on the market (with public confession), you can not make a mistake if you buy the original version!

Changelog Real Estate Agency Portal v1.5.4

v1.5.4 – 25 May15

  • Serbian language added, thanks to R.M.!
  • Installation disabled if database is not empty
  • Updater, disable clicking 2 times on update button
  • tidy HTML fixer integrated into auto translator
  • Admin marker issue, double markers fixed
  • Backup issue can’t be restored fixed
  • Add notice to recommend cpanel backups as well
  • Disable FAQ configurator parameter added
  • Few settings moved from cms_config.php to administration
  • My messages added for frontend agents/users
  • Benchmarking tools
  • Tested and optimized with 10.000 properties
  • Performance improvements also in backend/admin
  • Multi-domain support (different domain for different language)
  • Agent description added on agent profile page
  • ?search=zagreb now filter also map results
  • Header template can be changed via admin
  • Footer template can be changed via admin
  • On translate files, also translate content if same exists
  • Properties search in admin
  • Payment can be disabled
  • Depended fields (Specific inputs hidden for land or other type of property)
  • Company info added to preview page
  • Last script news, tips, instructions added to dashboard

Update instructions from 1.5.3: extract all files except ”/files” folder and ”/application/config” folder and update database by running new updater script: index.php/updater

Demo Real Estate Agency Portal v1.5.4

Full Demo Page

Download Real Estate Agency Portal v1.5.4

Download Direct Link


  1. Hello Babak,

    First i have change “application/config/production/database.php” (uploadsql_scriptsdb-example-1)
    also Slug.php.

    Than it’s asking in index.php/configurator for CodeCanyon: username and Purchase: code.???

    What do i wrong.

  2. What User and password to use the user name purchase code ?

    I put
    user: carlinhos
    purchasecode : 413413414bvy235yv154yv145b1231623562b356b2354253623456v

    however it did not work 🙁

  3. Hi Babak, i have emailed you my install link. kindly assist to add purchase code so as to finish installation on my website. Thank you

    • Hi Nickson Please Leave OFF 😀 Use WordPress! Fu*k PHP Script 😀
      If You Add Add purchase Code! After 3 4 Days You See This Massage On Your Site

      Real estate script

      I found that you using my script for real estate on your website without purchase code entered and you didn’t reply to my email about portal script check.

  4. Cool Babak, i think its better i find onother cms eg wodress or joomla for realestate. I would like to have a template similar or with more functionality than this php script. i would like to have One with featured ads or listing packages with frontend submission. any suggestion?

  5. To Install -> 1º Go to /Aplications/Controller/Configurator.php

    And coment This Block
    ‘field’ => ‘codecanyon_username’,
    ‘label’ => ‘lang:codecanyon_username’,
    ‘rules’ => ‘required’
    ‘field’ => ‘codecanyon_code’,
    ‘label’ => ‘lang:codecanyon_code’,
    ‘rules’ => ‘required|callback_check_purchase’
    2º After install go to -> /Aplications/config/cms_config.php
    And insert

    $config[‘codecanyon_username’] = ‘ANY’;

    $config[‘codecanyon_code’] = ‘780cdcs3-fd36-4c92-840a-90564893659e’;


  6. سلام بابک جان
    ممنون از این پکیج ارزشمند
    سوال بنده این بود که چطور میتونم فوت سایت رو عوض کنم؟

    • Pishnehad Mikonam Az In Script Estefade Nakoni Va Yeki Az GHaleb Haye Real Estate WP Ro Dl Koni
      In Script Bade 1 Mah Az Null Dar Miad Va Moshkel Ijad Mikone

  7. Hello.
    Can you help me with installation
    configuration not saved .cant connect to database..
    Must i upload some .sql on database?
    Or only input info on slug.php

  8. hello fella, i could config install and error like this:

    System configuration
    Configuration doesn’t saved
    Unable to connect to your database server using the provided settings.


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