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Ryan Deiss – Digital Marketing Mastery | 2016 Certification Course

Become a Highly Paid, Highly Sought-After Marketing Professional…In Only 10 Weeks

Once upon a time, businesses could rely on their local Yellow Page, newspaper, or radio ad rep to drive new leads and clients through their doors. And if they offered a valuable product or service and treated their customers with respect, their business would grow.

Those days are long gone.

Today, businesses are forced to navigate dozens of different channels to both acquire and communicate with new customers and existing customers, and needless to say…

…they can’t do it alone.

That’s where YOU come in…

Today, companies need skilled marketing professionals who are able to:

  • Leverage new media channels such as Facebook, Google, Twitter and YouTube to acquire new customers and clients…
  • Architect “conversion funnels” that seamlessly and subtly convert strangers into leads, leads into customers and customers into raving fans…
  • Establish a “value first” content marketing strategy that enhances brand authority and generates free, organic traffic…
  • Build and monetize large email subscriber lists…without resorting to spammy tactics…
  • Engage with customers via social channels such Facebook and Twitter to grow a brand’s reach and credibility…
  • Optimize search networks like Google, Amazon, Pinterest and Yelp, so the brand can both be found and accurately represented..
  • Track and measure the key metrics that matter, so decisions can be based on data, not hunches…
  • Run split-tests that improve conversion rates and reduce acquisition costs over time…

And by the end of this class, you’ll possess all of these skills, and so much more…

Train your team

That’s where YOU come in…

Each unit is led by an industry expert, and is designed to be completed in a week (although students are allowed to work at their own pace).

  • On Thursdays you’ll receive access to the streaming video lessons for that particular unit. Each unit typically contains 4 – 6 hours of video, handouts and an optional “Mini-Project”…
  • On the following Tuesday you’ll attend an Office Hours session with the instructor where you can get your questions answered, and get help completing your “Mini-Project”…
  • On Wednesday you’ll turn in your “Mini-Project” and take the Unit exam, both of which will be graded and reviewed by your instructor…
  • Upon successful completion of the Unit Exam, you will be rewarded with a specialist certificate and badge denoting your mastery of the subject…

Once you finish all 8 exams, you will be invited to participate in the final class project, which is the first step in becoming eligible for the coveted Certified Digital Marketing Professional designation.


It depends…

  • If you are a digital marketing professional looking to get an edge in an increasingly crowded marketplace…then yes.
  • If you are a traditional marketing professional looking to get up-to-speed on the newest trends in the field…then yes.
  • If you are a startup founder looking for strategies to acquire customers and clients without being forced to raise money from outside investors…then yes.
  • If you are an agency owner looking to expand your service offerings…then yes.
  • If you are a student hoping to land a great job in a fun, in-demand, high-paying field…then yes. (We’ll give you the skills and certifications you need to not only talk the talk in the interview, but to truly walk the walk when you get that perfect gig. )
  • If you are a crazy-busy business owner who barely has time to check the mail and sign the checks…then NO! (But you should have someone on your team go through it, because you, more than anyone else, needs this information…)

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  1. There is no unit 8 and 9?
    UNIT 8: Marketing Analytics and Data Science
    UNIT 9: Testing and Conversion Optimization


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