Schoex v1.4 – Ultimate school management system


Schoex v1.4 include multiple of modules that orchestrate together to define schoex services, here is the list of modules :

  • Black & Blue themes
  • User groups : Administrators, teachers, students and parents
    • Import/Export User details via CSV & Excel
    • Student Promotion system
  • Registeration : Administrator must approve registerations of teachers, students or parents
  • Languages System with pre-build 9 different languages : English, Arabic, French, Dutch, German, Hindi, Italian, Turkish, Russian, Spanish
    • Administrator can define new language
    • Users have the ability to change language and administrator can deactivate this feature.
    • RTL languages support

Change Log
Version 1.4
– [Feature] Student Promotion
– [Feature] New way to assign student to parent
– [Feature] Event / News viewer from dashboard main page
– [Feature] Spanish language
– [Feature] RTL Support and languages improvements
– [Fix] SMS/MAIL crash error
– [Fix] Import / Export problem

Demo Schoex v1.4 – Ultimate school management system

Full Demo Page

Download Schoex v1.4 – Ultimate school management system



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