Slider Revolution v5.4.5.1 – Responsive WordPress Plugin


Slider Revolution v5.4.5.1 – Responsive WordPress Plugin is the best WordPress Sliders Plugin Last Update 12 June 2017 | Download Slider Revolution v5.4.5.1 Free on Null24.

Slider Revolution v5.4.5.1 is an innovative, responsive WordPress Slider Plugin that displays your content the beautiful way. Whether it’s a Slider, Carousel, Hero Scene or even a whole Front Page, the visual, drag & drop editor will let you tell your own stories in no time!

Slider Revolution v5.4.5.1 Changelog

Version StarPath (10th June 2017)

Fixed Color Picker PHP bug caused in old PHP versions
Version 5.4.5 StarPath (23rd May 2017)

Set Parallax BG and Layers Speed/Delay Globally independent. 15 Levels Depth still available !
Added Color Animation Attributes like Background and Font Color for Shape and Text Layers
Added Brightness Filter Attribute for Idle, Hover, Start and End Animation frames to provide new Effects on Layers
Added Grayscale, Brightness, Blur Slide Transitions in different Combinations
Updated Google Fonts list
Fixed HTML Export gradiants not working properly
Fixed YouTube and Vimeo Video Rewind issue on reenter specific slides.
Fixed Toggle FullScreen Mode where YouTube and Vimeo Videos were not Play any more
Ken Burn Slide Effect Issues at first Slide Change has been fixed
First Covered BG Video in some Templates and Themes were caclualted on the wrong Height Base. Issue is fixed due a double call on setSize at preparing the Video
Safari Scroll, 3D and Blur Effects with missing layers Bug has been fixed by adding a preserve-3d transform style on Parallax Wrap level to the current layers
Image Filters on Ken Burn Animated BG Elements are working now fine. FireFox is still a bit Laggy if CSS Filters are enabled on Ken Burn Elements
Fixed Responsive Levels not working properly in certain constellations
Fixed Background Default Volume Settings in Backend
Fixed Rotation issues on Slide Main Image transitions (like Box Slot Animation Rotated)
Updaed Colorpicker JS to fix some issues with Progress Bar.
Fixed HTML5 volume not beeing written

Download Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin (5.5 MB) (112 downloads)

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