Stephen Floyd – Bullet Proof Local SEO $500 Free


Stephen Floyd – Bullet Proof Local SEO $500 Free Revealed: “Elite SEO’s Insider Secrets for Long-Term Domination Over Any Local SERP You Choose”

Dear Struggling SEO,
Bad SEO advice is everywhere.
And it can take you from ranking hero . . . to ranking zero – overnight.
Really, getting front-page rankings isn’t the tough part.
It’s keeping them . . Over the long haul.
After all, no one is going to pay you for “here today, gone tomorrow” rankings. And that’s all you’ll get from temporary SEO ranking tricks pushed by people who should know better.

Stress is taking its toll on you. You’ve:
Tried SEO tactics that don’t get lasting ranking results
Listened to “SEO experts” doling out incomplete – or just downright wrong information
Spent thousand of dollars in training and outsourcers and you’re no closer to having a sustainable SEO business than when you started

Does Any of This Sound Familiar?
You’ve tried many SEO courses containing out-dated information resulting in getting sites penalized by Google.
You’ve invested in various masterminds leading to additional costs with little or no financial return.
You’ve spent thousand of dollars in training and outsourcers leaving you bleeding financially without much ranking success.

You can only run into so many walls before you get so frustrated, the only option left seems like quitting.

But it’s not really your fault you don’t have the SEO business you want yet. You see, there’s a lot of SEO information out there that’s nothing but untested theory.

It’s “one-trick pony” stuff that will rank a site fast—but it doesn’t keep it ranked for long. And I’m not even gonna go there with how dangerous this kind of SEO can be … it’s the kind of stuff sites just won’t recover from.

I had the same frustrations you’re experiencing now. Until I found a reputable mentor … and did a lot of testing on my own.

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