[StoreApps] Smart Offers v3.1.6

[StoreApps] Smart Offers v3.1.6

Smart Offers v3.1.6

Smart Offers v3.1.6 is a groundbreaking WooCommerce extension that lets you create powerful sales funnels and special offers easily. It’s like an automated sales machine.. set it once and it keeps minting money, forever!

Create powerful, profit boosting sales funnels. Sell more to customers while they are making another purchase. Use upsells, cross-sells, downsells, one time offers and backend promotions for targeted customers. Smart Offers is your automated sales machine, minting money for you 24/7.

You can now use the upsell strategy used by some of the best companies across the world. Smart Offers lets you offer additional, relevant products to customers while they are completing their purchase. Not only this lets you sell products that you wouldn’t have sold otherwise, but since you are offering something relevant and valuable, the conversion rate is significantly higher.

If the customer does not accept your upsell offer, you can give them another offer – either a lower priced downsell or another offer that better suits customer need. You can link as many offers as you want like this.

Such a powerful sales funnel can easily – and instantly – triple your profits – if not more. You generate more value from each visitor, and a much higher return on your advertising campaigns.

Check this out… Here’s how McDonald’s is implementing the Super Profit System…

*** Smart Offers Changelog ***
2015.11.06 – version 3.1.6
* Fix: A validation check performed after accepting an offer, was sometimes giving ‘Offer Not Valid’ notice
* Fix: Sometimes offer popup was not showing due to style not applying in correct sequence
* Fix: Only one out of multiple values was getting considered which was entered in one ‘Cart/Order contains Product’ rule
* Update: Text for ‘Offer Not Valid’ notices
* Update: POT file

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