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From the Desks of
Manny Hanif, Declan Mc, & Simon Harries:

Friends, sorry to say this . . . but it’s true.

Facebook Fan Page reach has dropped faster than a bald man combs his hair. . .

Many business owners are SICK of blowing their budgets on FB “Like” campaigns – because only a tiny portion of their fans see their posts thanks to Facebook’s latest round of updates.

It’s frustrating to see hours of hard work writing, sourcing and posting content go to waste. Don’t feel alone if this has happened to you . . . even the experts are hurting.

Noted Facebook authority Jon Loomer noted these pathetic Fan Page reach stats earlier this year:

“Average organic reach (is) 11 percent of number of fans for pages with fewer than 10,000 likes while only 5 percent for pages with more than 100,000 likes.”

Not exactly encouraging news for Fan Page owners, is it?

If the experts are having this much trouble getting people to see their Fan Page posts, what chance do we mere mortals have of reaching our fans?

See, FB has quietly changed the rules of the game. With its goal to dominate online advertising, a lot of us have been left in the dust.

Post reach has dropped to practically zero. And you’re lucky if even your paid ads get delivered to your audience.

But after months of struggling and testing, we’ve cracked the code.

Turns out there’s still plenty of action on Facebook – if you know where to go.

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