Total v3.2.0 – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Total v3.2.0 - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Total v3.2.0 Multipurpose WordPress Theme
Total v3.2.0 is a clean, modern and responsive WordPress theme designed to be customized. The theme was created with many different niches and professions in mind – bloggers, online stores, lawyers, agencies, wedding planners, hosting companies, nonprofits and more. Just have a look at some of our industry specific homepage examples to get an idea of just what kind of magic Total is capable of. The theme is packed to the brim with great features like WooCommerce integration or Unlimited Portfolios. At a price that is less than a tank of gas there’s no reason not to get Total today and start building your new website!

v3.2.0 – November 8, 2015


  • Moved the Custom post type template parts from /partials/post-type/ to partials/cpt/ to prevent confusion – please check your child theme mods incase you were using these template parts in your child theme
  • The theme’s global object $wpex_theme is now hooked into the ‘template_redirect’ action hook with a priority of 0 instead of 20 to prevent issues with plugins using custom templates – if you were making any child theme edits to this global class please have a double check to make sure there aren’t any issues
  •  We updated the Total VC grid modules to move the custom ID to the outer wrap div so you can use it to target your filters and pagination as well. Please check any customizations done using these custom ID’s
  •  With the new singular.php file we had to update partials/blog/blog-single-layout.php if you made any edits to this file please edit it and add the article wrap like we did in the latest version
  • It seems that the Event’s calendar doesn’t support the singular.php file yet so if you have any layout issues make sure you have set the Display option to “Default Events Template”
  • ADDEDNew singular.php template file (introduced in WordPress 4.3.0)
  • ADDEDNew “Navbar” style mobile menu toggle button – example
  • ADDEDNew “Plain Text” theme button style – example
  • ADDEDOptions to the VC grid modules (portfolio, blog, post type, staff grid) so you can alter the entry design – example
  • ADDEDAbility to link to any Total VC grid module (portfolio, staff, testimonials, blog) filter item – example – use new filter ‘vcex_grid_filter_url_param’ to change the default url param that is checked (if you want to translate ‘filter’ to something else or if it’s conflicting)
  • ADDEDOption in the Theme Panel to disable the “Typography” settings incase you want to use a 3rd party plugin or CSS for this and slim down the theme
  • ADDEDOption in the Theme Panel to disable the “Custom Widgets” added by the theme if you don’t want or need to use them
  • ADDEDNew “Category Tag” overlay style – example – this is added after the image and positioned absolutely so its easy to tweak with custom CSS if you want to have it under the image instead
  • ADDED Ability to add nofollow to links when using the Font Awesome social widget (via the theme filter) – see updated docs
  • ADDEDHighlighting support to the Visual Composer navbar module when using it for local-scrolling links
  • ADDEDAbility to disable the slider ability on WooCommerce products and use lightbox instead via theme filter – learn how here
  • ADDEDText-align options to the Categories Grid VC module
  • ADDEDAbility to alter the breadcrumbs home link via the ‘wpex_breadcrumbs_args’ filter – see snippet
  • ADDEDAbility to alter the milestone decimal format via the wpex_localize theme filter – see snippet
  • ADDEDNew filters for altering the button styles for blog & post type archives – see snippet
  • ADDEDAppear Animation option to the Total Heading module
  • ADDEDNew filter “vcex_grid_default_title_tag” so you can easily alter the default title tag for the Portfolio Grid, Staff Grid, Testimonials Grid, Post Types Grid and Blog Grid VC modules – see snippet
  • ADDEDLocal scroll ability to the Visual Composer Single image link – guide
  • ADDEDSearch form to the “Toggle” mobile menu style – can be removed via PHP or CSS if you don’t want it
  • ADDEDNew filters for altering Total VC grid module wrap classes, grid classes and grid data
  • ADDEDNew Mailchimp Newsletter widget
  • ADDEDNew Instagram Grid custom widget
  • ADDEDNew Facebook page widget
  • ADDEDNew About widget
  • ADDEDRTL CSS for WooCommerce
  • ADDED“Pause on Hover” to the theme carousels
  • ADDEDNew css file for some small gravity forms tweaks. The gravity forms CSS file will only load if the gravity forms shortcode is used on the current page
  • ADDEDAbility to set the blog post heading to the first category of the post –screenshot
  • ADDEDNew filter ‘wpex_page_header_title_args’ to easily alter the page header title (html_tag, string, schema_markup) – see snippet
  • ADDEDDeclared global variable for various classes in the theme to make it possible to remove filters and actions from these classes via child themes
  • ADDEDOption for automatic lightbox for images inserted into the Visual Composer text module or in a standard post – screenshot – disabled by default
  • ADDED“fn” class around vcard author data on the entry meta
  • ADDED“Post Video” Visual Composer grid module so you can display the video defined in the Total page settings in your custom grids – screenshot
  • ADDEDNew filter ‘wpex_{post_type}_entry_overlay_style’ so you can add overlay styles to your custom post type entries – see snippet
  • ADDEDNew options in the theme Panel to quickly disable all Google services used in the theme (Google Fonts) – can also be defined using the theme filter “wpex_disable_google_services” – see snippet
  • ADDEDResponsive text support to the Visual Composer Total Heading module – enabled by default but can be disabled for any item via the settings and a new filter was added “wpex_vcex_heading_min_font_size” to define your site wide minimum font size for the text which is 21px (default size as declared in the css file) – also the “wpex-responsive-txt” class can be added anywhere in your site to make use of the new feature
  • REMOVEDTemplate files page.php, single.php, single-other.php, single-standard.php, single-portfolio.php, single-staff.php and single-testimonials.php – theme uses new singular.php file introduced in WP 4.3.0. If you are using the old template files in your child theme they should still work as before though
  • REMOVEDExtra / character in framework/visual-composer/shortcodes/blog_grid.php line 731
  • REMOVED“Triangle” on checkout payment type box that WooCommerce added in a recent update
  • REMOVEDDefault Visual Composer templates to slim things down and also because they aren’t very nice :( Will probably create our own default templates in upcoming updates
  • REMOVEDSticky Header Shrink Logo Height option from the customizer the theme will calculate an appropriate size via javascript. You can still control the exact size though via the localize_array theme filter
  • REMOVEDTheme filter ‘wpex_global_theme_object’ because it can cause some issues best to use the individual filters inside the WPEX_Global_Theme_Object class
  • REMOVEDVC Custom Heading template part in vc_templates folder because we aren’t making any changes to the file anymore since many updates ago
  • UPDATEDVisual Composer and added fully support for VC 4.8.1
  • UPDATEDRevolution Slider to version 5.1
  • UPDATEDTemplatera to version 1.1.6
  • UPDATEDTheme Panel design to be slimmer and more user friendly (inspired by JetPack) – screenshot
  • UPDATEDComplete overhaul of custom post type entries (please see important notice) which allows for much greater optimization in the future via theme filters
  • UPDATEDThe Order settings in various custom widgets and added new Orderby option
  • UPDATEDTotal VC modules to move the custom ID to the outer wrap div so you can use it to target your filters and pagination as well
  • UPDATEDTotal VC grid modules to use the VC CSS parameter for design options instead of multiple fields – example
  • UPDATEDCustomizer styles output loop to speed things up on the front-end significantly by checking the global $wpex_theme_mods var instead of using get_theme_mod to check each setting
  • UPDATEDRetina.js to look for retina versions ONLY if defined using data-at2x or data-retina-true to prevent 404 errors in the browser. This must be enabled via Theme Panel > Image sizes – screenshot
  • UPDATEDMain menu walker so that local-scroll links will never have the current-menu item class added on load – was using javascript previously but creates a nasty “flash” on site load
  • UPDATEDColumns so the styles removed in Total 3.0.0 will actually be moved to the “classes” field when you edit the column so your design should remain the same as before
  • UPDATEDCSS for the “address” type so it’s not smaller then the default body font size
  • UPDATED Title on the WooCommerce “Order Received” page to say “Order Received” instead of “Checkout”
  • UPDATEDThe font awesome social widget so when you add new options via the theme filter you don’t have to remove and re-add the widget in order for them to show up
  • UPDATEDComment reply text to just say “reply” instead of “reply to this message”
  • UPDATEDPage Header Title to display the Post Type name in the header for the
  • UPDATEDPage header title for the Events Calendar single events because it was showing the event title which is a duplicate of the title in the post already
  • UPDATEDTotal Button to add new “On click action” field
  • UPDATEDMoved the “wpex-mobile-menu-fixed-top” element outside of the #wrap div to before the outer-wrap right after the body tag
  • UPDATEDMade some javascript optimizations in the functions.js file
  • UPDATEDThe wpex_post_series_query_args filter because it was targeting the query and not the arguments – sample snippet
  • UPDATED The way the Overlay Header works by adding a new overlay-header-wrap div around the header and main content this will allow you to have the topbar and any other content you want before the header without causing issues with the overlay and allowing the sticky header to function correctly when the topbar is enabled or other content is added via the theme hooks before the header
  • UPDATEDModern Menu widget border colors to match other border colors in the theme (#eee instead of #ddd)
  • FIXEDIssues with the Toggle mobile menu style when using it together with the Overlay Header
  • FIXEDIssues with the Visual Composer mobile column settings
  • FIXEDDouble h1 tag on custom post types
  • FIXEDIssue with local-scroll not working when using the new methods and linking from another page
  • FIXEDRTL.css issues and rtl.css file now loads right before responsive stylesheet so it overwrite other file’s css easier
  • FIXEDAlt titles on the WooCommerce categories thumbnails
  • FIXEDIssue with social in the topbar not displaying in “minimal” style by default
  • FIXEDLocal Scroll not working in Safari
  • FIXEDPositioning of vertical social sharing when using the left-sidebar
  • FIXEDIssue when setting mobile sidebar menu to open dropdowns when clicking the link it wouldn’t let  you click on the actual dropdown items
  • FIXEDIssue with filter links not centering in the blog grid VC module
  • FIXEDActive filter category not working for the Blog Grid VC module
  • FIXEDImage out of place in the WPML language switcher
  • FIXEDBreadcrumbs so they come after the page subheading and not before it
  • FIXEDWooCommerce product issue where if you don’t have a featured image but you do have 1 gallery item it was showing the placeholder image and not the gallery image
  • FIXEDLocalScroll offset not including the WordPress toolbar when enabled
  • FIXEDIssue with Staff Grid (and other VC grid modules) not being able to show all categories
  • FIXEDAuto focus on header search when clicking the search icon
  • FIXEDIssue with Visual Composer not working with Templaterawhen updating to VC 4.8
  • FIXEDIssue with shrink header not working when page transitions is enabled
  • FIXEDIssue with the Under Construction page not working as it should

Demo Total v3.2.0 – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Full Demo Page

Download Total v3.2.0 – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

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