Unlimited Pop-Ups v1.4.6 – WordPress Plugin


Unlimited Pop-Ups v1.4.6 – WordPress Plugin Updated on 19 August 2017 | Download Unlimited Pop-Ups v1.4.6 Free on Null-24.Com.

With WP Unlimited Pop-ups plugin you can create different kind of pop-ups with custom styles, colors, size, display options and include any type of content, HTML, CSS, Javascript and WordPress Shortcodes.

WP Unlimited Pop-ups Changelog

We have completely changed our WordPress Framework and Rebuilt WP Unlimited PopUpsformally known as Unlimited Pop-Ups WordPress Plugin as an add-on for our new WordPress framework.

  • All settings and display options are changed, so you would need to configure the pop-ups again and specify display settings.
  • Every line of code is re-written and very well organized for future upgrades and enhancements.

Demo Unlimited Pop-Ups v1.4.6 – WordPress Plugin

Full Demo Page

Download Unlimited Pop-Ups v1.4.6 – WordPress Plugin

codecanyon-8575498-unlimited-popups-wordpress-plugin-wordpress-plugin.zip (385 downloads)

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