Woocommerce Bookings v1.7.13


Sell your time or date based bookings! Perfect for those wanting to offer appointments, services or rentals. This powerful extension allows you to sell your time or date based bookings, adding a new product type to your WooCommerce site. Perfect for those wanting to offer appointments, services or rentals.

*** WooCommerce Bookings Changelog ***
2015.8.19 – version 1.7.13
* Feature – Show # of persons on the “All Bookings” screen
* Fix – Clear transients after an order is canceled by a user
* Fix – Show an error message if an invalid date is entered
* Fix – Fatal error that sometimes occurs when canceling a “requires confirmation” booking
* Fix – Search now correctly pulls out bookings when you search for customer info
* Fix – Correctly calculate the quantity of spots needed in create_wc_booking if the multiplier is set to yes & multiple persons are booking
* Fix – The last block now correctly shows the number of remaining spaces
* Fix – Correctly set the minimum date when using the date range picker

Demo Woocommerce Bookings v1.7.13

Full Demo Page

Download Woocommerce Bookings v1.7.13

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  1. Pre-sales question
    I need to create a bus booking tool using in WP using WooCommerce.
    Passenger puts “FROM” address, “TO” address, number of passengers travelling in the group, date and time of travel. To auto calculate the price for the group, auto calculate mileage from the “FROM” address to the “TO” address, and then multiply that total mileage with X amount of dollars and then multiply that with number of people in the group to get total amount for the trip.
    Payment is then made via PayPal.

    Can your plugin do this?


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