Woocommerce Checkout Add-ons v1.6.4

Woocommerce Checkout Add-ons v1.6.4

Woocommerce Checkout Add-ons v1.6.4 – Easily Offer Free or Paid Add-ons and Services at Checkout.

Easily Offer Free or Paid Add-ons and Services at Checkout

The coreWoocommerce Checkout Add-ons v1.6.4 process covers all of the basic fields shops needs to place an order, but what if your shop needs to offer services or additional products only at checkout? That’s where WooCommerce Checkout Add-ons comes into play. This extension allows you to add several additional options to your checkout page and determine which are free or paid. You can also sort and filter orders based on your shiny new options.

Woocommerce Checkout Add-ons v1.6.4can give you a way to charge for add-ons services such as rush fulfillment or gift wrapping, or can help you offer add-ons at checkout without inventory, such as stickers or insurance. Checkout Add-ons allows you to easily add several field types to your checkout page, including text fields, text areas, select (dropdowns), multi-selects, radio buttons, a checkbox, multi-checkbox, and file uploads.

Woocommerce Checkout Add-ons v1.6.4is great at adding any kind of field for free, but they can also be used to add paid services or fees, and can even do so on a per-option basis.

Woocommerce Checkout Add-ons v1.6.4

Adding checkout fields is easy from the new Checkout Add-ons Menu. Simply add your field name, optionally replace it with a descriptive label for the checkout page, determine field type, and whether the options should add a cost or be taxable. You can also determine whether or not to display this information on the “Orders” page and make it sortable or filterable.

*** Woocommerce Checkout Add-ons v1.6.4 Changelog ***
2015.12.11 – version 1.6.4
* Fix – Required select add-ons are no longer pre-filled to ensure customers select the correct option

Demo Woocommerce Checkout Add-ons v1.6.4

Full Demo Page

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