WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro v1.1.1


WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro v1.1.1  – Add advanced event tracking and enhanced eCommerce tracking to your WooCommerce site.

Get Insight on Your WooCommerce Sales Funnel with Google Analytics Pro
WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro turbo charges the integration between your WooCommerce store and your free Google Analytics account. Get detailed insights in your shop’s traffic and eCommerce events so that you can improve your sales funnel and drive more revenue.

Why use Google Analytics Pro
Includes all of the great features the free version has, like Universal Analytics and enhanced eCommerce tracking
Allows you exclude shop managers from tracking along with site admins
Track User IDs for more accurate user counts
Tracks basic eCommerce events like “add to cart” or “checkout started”
Adds advanced eCommerce event tracking, such as “coupon addition / removal” and “cart quantity changed”
Track manually added orders
Adds events for customer actions, such as sign in / out, or leaving a product review / comment
Adds order refund and cancellation tracking
Track customer email opens as events in the “Emails” category

WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro v1.1.1 Changelog

2016.06.22 – v1.1.1
* Tweak – Avoid most Quota Errors when loading the plugin’s settings page
* Tweak – Make product impression parameters filterable to allow sites to bypass the Google Analytics request limit
* Tweak – Tracking parameters are now filterable
* Fix – Product impressions are now triggered on the single product page for the product
* Fix – Ensure the Checkout Behavior report is properly populated by utilizing funnel steps correctly
* Fix – Ensure product categories are tracked in the correct format expected by Google Analytics
* Fix – Avoid undefined index notices that could occur with some themes
* Fix – Ensure offsite gateways are not tracked as referrers by Google AdWords
* Fix – Better handling of errors thrown by the Google Analytics PHP client
* Fix – Use the item’s total rather than the product’s price when tracking purchases
* Fix – Address deflated bounce rates by ensuring certain events are tracked as non-interaction events

Demo WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro v1.1.1

Full Demo Page

Download WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro v1.1.1

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