Woocommerce Product Retailers v1.7.1

Woocommerce Product Retailers v1.7.1

Download Woocommerce Product Retailers v1.7.1

Allow customers to purchase external products directly on your site, or from a selection of retailers.

Add External Links for Product Retailers/Distributors to Simple & Variable Products

External/Affiliate products are a great feature of WooCommerce, but they have one major limitation: you can’t sell a product yourself and link to the same product on a retailer or distributor’s website. This extension removes that limitation, and also allows you to list multiple retailers rather than one affiliate link.

Easily setup retailers or distributors for products in your store, including a URL to their website, then assign them to individual products. Customers can then purchase the item directly on your store, or they can visit the retailer or distributor’s website to purchase.

Perfect for products sold through multiple sales channels, such as a book available directly on-site, through Amazon, for Kindle, and Nook.

What Does Product Retailers Do?

  • Setup retailers/distributors and assign them products
  • Set a unique link for each retailer/distributor globally or on a per-product basis
  • List multiple retailers for each product
  • Supports simple and variable products
  • Customize the text for the “Purchase” button
  • Optionally make a product purchasable only from the retailer/distributor
  • Use buttons or a drop-down menu to show available retailers NEW

Woocommerce Product Retailers v1.7.1 Changelog

2016.03.23 – version 1.7.1
* Tweak – Use ‘wc_product_retailers_button_label’ filter also when there is only one retailer
* Tweak – Add a a CSS class to retailers buttons and options for each retailer to allow better styles customizations
* Tweak – “Catalog Button Text” product setting is now hidden if “Retailer Only Purchase” is disabled
* Fix – Fix an error when restoring trashed retailers

Demo Woocommerce Product Retailers v1.7.1

Full Demo Page

Download Woocommerce Product Retailers v1.7.1

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