Woocommerce Taxamo v1.2.7

Woocommerce Taxamo v1.2.7

Woocommerce Taxamo v1.2.7

Woocommerce Taxamo v1.2.7 – Our Taxamo Integration for WooCommerce keeps track of and handles all of your EU VAT rules to keep your shop in line with the new laws starting in 2015. Makes it easy for you and your customers.

Handle EU VAT calculations using Taxamo’s VAT calculation service.

Connect your store to Taxamo, a popular EU VAT calculation service, and be compliant with the 2015 EU VAT regulations. WooCommerce will send the shopping cart information to Taxamo when your customer is at the checkout and will return the appropriate EU taxes for the digital goods in their cart.

Woocommerce Taxamo v1.2.7 also handles evidence collection and registration of payments.

Whether you’re selling digital downloads, eBooks or other such digital goods, Woocommerce Taxamo v1.2.7 will return the appropriate tax rates to WooCommerce, based on the customer’s location and the products in their cart.

The extension uses Taxamo’s API for correct TAX calculation, evidence collection and registration of payments. Taxamo comprehensive reporting  tools generate downloadable EU MOSS returns and audit files.

What is Taxamo?

Taxamo is an end-to-end service which calculates the appropriate EU VAT rates based on your customer’s location and the products within their cart. Taxamo can capture up to 6 pieces of location evidence in a single transaction, all in real-time and all without interrupting the existing customer journey.

Taxamo creates EU MOSS settlement returns and audit-ready reports. Taxamo also offers 1-1 technical, multichannel support to anyone who uses the WooCommerce plugin.

What is VATMOSS?

VATMOSS is an EU VAT regulation, effective January 1st 2015. This new regulation requires that VAT for the sale of digital goods be charged based on the location of the customer (rather than the location of the online store) as well as factoring in different rates depending on the type of digital goods (for example, an eBook sold to someone in France has a different cost to a digital download sold to a customer in France).

The payments are made to a MOSS (mini-one-stop-shop) registered in the EU. This is then collected by the appropriate government department.

Woocommerce Taxamo v1.2.7 Changelog

2016.02.25 – version 1.2.7
* Fix – More i18n support

Demo Woocommerce Taxamo v1.2.7

Full Demo Page

Download Woocommerce Taxamo v1.2.7

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