WordPress Ultimate Branding Plugin v1.8.4 – WPMU DEV


WordPress Ultimate Branding Plugin v1.8.4 – WPMU DEV – Display your colors, logo, company name and brand messaging across your entire site. Remove or replace WordPress branding from login to logout without a line of code.

With Ultimate Branding you can add, remove or change WordPress branding across an entire network.

Finish site customization with Ultimate Branding and layout polished backend design in minutes. Give users a better experience with site specific directions, brand clarity and fluid transitions from front to back.

Clear Consistent Branding

From the iconic WordPress favicon to the classic ‘Proudly powered by WordPress’, visitors and clients are sent mixed messaging before your site even loads.

Hide WordPress branding and share consistent, custom brand messaging.

Create a look and feel to match your brand with custom dashboard color palettes. Display your logo everywhere the WordPress logo shows and replace ‘WordPress’ with your company name.

WordPress Ultimate Branding Plugin v1.8.4 Changelog

DATE: 03 May, 2017 – VERSION: 1.8.4
– Added ability to show “Admin Bar” for non-logged users.
– Added new module “HTML Email Templates”.
– Added new module “Signup Password”.
– Added new option to try and inject the footer content block inside the theme footer element.
– Allowed media queries in “Admin Bar” style field.
– Fixed domain replace problem for “text change” module.
– Fixed issue with the unseen footer in some themes.
– Sorted modules by name.

Demo WordPress Ultimate Branding Plugin v1.8.4 – WPMU DEV

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