WP Touch Pro Themes and Extentions Package

WP Touch Pro Themes and Extentions Package

WPtouch Themes.

Designed to be flexible and work with all kinds of WordPress websites.

Polished mobile themes that work seamlessly with WordPress .

  • Modern WordPress Features

    Custom post types, custom menus, feature images and more- WPtouch was made for WordPress .

  • Easy Media Handling

    WPtouch natively handles audio, video & pictures, resizing them automatically.

  • Made for Retina Screens

    Built entirely with just CSS & icon fonts, theme interfaces are crisp & gorgeous on high DPI displays.

  • Flexible Designs

    Change colors, fonts & set logos easily. Customization options let you take full control.

WPtouch Extensions.

Extensions are like mini-plugins for WPtouch that extend features and add powerful capabilities.

Advanced Typography

Transform your mobile website with custom fonts, chosen by you, easily configured and automatically added to WPtouch Pro.

Basic Ads

Basic advertising extension that allows you to easily show an ad from Google Adsense, or your own custom script.

Mobile Content

Mobile Content lets you show mobile visitors different content than your desktop theme.


Multi-Ads increases site revenue with multiple ad-units per page and built-in A/B ad-unit testing.

infinity Cache

Specifically designed to speed up WPtouch-powered sites for mobile devices.

Responsive Images

Responsive Images extension doesn’t just scale images, it actually re-sizes them and sends the optimized version.

Demo WP Touch Pro Themes and Extentions Package

Full Demo Page

Download WP Touch Pro Themes and Extentions Package

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