WPLMS Learning Management System v2.0.7

WPLMS Learning Management System v2.0.7

WPLMS Learning Management System v2.0.7 Is Now Available For Download

WPLMS Learning Management System v2.0.7. It is an e-learning WordPress theme for course management, instructor and student management using which you can create and sell your courses online.
WPLMS Learning Management System is a Social Learning management system built on a Social platform called “BuddyPress”. The social networking features like Activity recording, User Groups , Private messaging, Notifications, Profiles & Custom profile fields are deep integrated within the theme. Other unique features include Course drive (course specific attachments), Course activities (Track everything that happens in a course), Front end Course creation (an easy to use front end interface for creating courses), Notes and discussion module (for easy student to instructor interaction). The architecture is fully scalable and WPLMS is being used in small to large scale web sites which have several hundred thousands users. Last but not the least with WPLMS Learning Management System v2.0.7 you get a dedicated team for your web site.

WPLMS Learning Management System v2.0.7 Changelog

* v2.0.7
* sleek header action
* NAN remove from course stats
* more flag in front fix
* rtl fixes
* styling fixes
* styling fixes
* function exists check missing
* Comment approved should update rating count
* G3 layout bug
* 404 page on course home
* bypass transparent header for modern theme
* Styling bug fixes
* Directory d4,d5 fixes
* section title padding removed.
* Fixing broken links
* Directory fixes for IE
* 404 bug fix
* IE Edge changes
* Remove woocommerce action end of shop page
* customiser fixes
* remove warnings when BuddyPress not used
* Remove unnecessary warnings
* default category
* Remove skip woocommerce
* Unit duration should be displayed as unlimited if 9999 or more
* Remove ### in Shop
* bug fixes
* Welcome changes
* p3 profile layout issue
* Translation files updated
* email template bug fix
* Add to cart Button in minimal
* WooCommerce activate check & Taxonomy filter WP Admin
* Vibe Posts widget title not saving
* Disable FEE by default
* Shop page Boxed bug
* Styling fixes
* Buddydrive activity button
* Tabs bug fix
* RTL bug fixes
* Minimal theme fixes
* 404 page fix
* script fixes
* Styling fixes
* HEader/footer fixes
* Show title only with default course layout
* Course admin links
* membership template update
* WooCommerce and Pmpro check for enabled
* customiser changes
* WooCommerce my orders Edit address fix
* Max students and Start date fix
* load css in LMS settings and Stats
* Quiz sharing option
* reload message with google fonts
* Header footer changes in templates
* Before start course content hook
* Transparent header fixes
* Woocommerce after main hook
* Footer control missing
* comments to pick default comment settings
* Footer in contact page
* Course Category images
* Access_check bug fix in buddydrive
* Javascript bug fixes
* Styling bug fixes
* Customiser bug fixes
* Start date fix for continue course
* Add media enqueue in course cat
* Footer in single unit and start course page
* Read more flag and Warning needle
* directory bug in d3 Push pull classes
* Transparent header fix on single default profile

Demo WPLMS Learning Management System v2.0.7

Full Demo Page

Download WPLMS Learning Management System v2.0.7

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