WpmuDev 75 Premium Plugin Updated 12-February-2017


WpmuDev 75 Premium Plugin Updated 12-February-2017

Super speed with WP Hummingbird
Lightweight and fast, Hummingbird caches, minifies, combines, defers and compresses, making optimizations in line with Google PageSpeed, and turning your site into a lean, mean, speed machine.

Ultimate security with WP Defende
Defender protects you against evil bots and hackers with automated security scans, vulnerability reports, safety recommendations, blacklist monitoring and customized hardening in just a few clicks.

Boost your traffic with SmartCrawl
SmartCrawl supercharges your SEO using proven methods for optimization, ensuring high impact results with little effort. Set up automated sitemap generation, alert search engines when you have new and updated content, and control exactly how your web pages are displayed in search results.

Manage all your websites with The Hub
The Hub is your mission control for monitoring the vital stats of your sites, including uptime, performance, and security. Add as many sites as you want – including Multisite networks – and receive instant security alerts, run performance scans, and get notifications when any of your plugins or themes need to be updated.

WpmuDev 75 Premium Plugin Updated 12-February-2017 Changelog

Open Plugins And See Inside changelog.txt

Demo WpmuDev 75 Premium Plugin Updated 12-February-2017

Full Demo Page

Download WpmuDev 75 Premium Plugin Updated 12-February-2017

Themes Included!

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  1. thanks for this up

    but the plugins are very old and not from February 2017 – most of them are from last year August / September 2016
    Smush Pro Version Version 2.4.5 – current is Version 2.5.3
    Hummingbird Version Version 1.3.3 – current is Version 1.4.1

    please kindly update – would be great – thank you so much !


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