YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards v1.1.5

YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards v1.1.5

YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards v1.1.5 – Have ever had that unpleasant feeling of having to make a present to someone, but not knowing what to buy? 99% of the times, this type of uncertainty does not help users completing their purchase.
The same happens on your shop. A customer comes to purchase a present, browses the catalogue in search for an idea, but he cannot be sure about what the recipient could like most and has many doubts: how does refund policy work in case the product should not be good? And if the size were not the right one? And if it did not arrive in time?

An efficient way to increase sales are gift cards

A study by the Nielsen Norman Group on a sample of people who usually purchase on the internet has proved that when they receive a present, they appreciate it more if it is in the form of a gift card.
A gift card makes their lives easier of both the person who makes the gift and the person who receives it.
This is the reason why gift cards have become more and more popular, to such an extent that 98% of shops – and not only virtual shops – use them to increment sales volume and to loyalise customers.
Thanks to YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards v1.1.5 you will be able to create gift cards of any amount and give your users the possibility to purchase what they really want freely.

YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards v1.1.5 Changelog
= Version 1.1.5 – RELEASED: DEC 14, 2015 =
* Fixed: YITH Plugin Framework breaks updates on WordPress multisite

Demo YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards v1.1.5

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